Santha Pillai bridge in Thanjavur nearing completion

Thanjavur (TJ):  Work is progressing well at the Santha Pillai gate for the construction of a bridge. Railways are going ahead with the construction of the portion allotted for them over the track while highways side is yet to take up the work as there is delay in settling the amounts for the lands acquired.  With respect to railway portion, work started at the gate in August last year. Five columns to a height of six metres are under construction on either side of the gate.

On the Nagapattinam road side, all the five columns have been completed while work is progressing with respect to five columns on the Vilar Road side.

Engineers said that soon trestle beam would be fitted on the Nagapattinam road side on the five columns. Then pedestal would be fitted. Five columns on the Vilar Road side would be completed in 15 days.

Then steel girders would be fixed across the railway lines connecting the columns on two sides.

Work was expected to be completed in March-April on the railway side, said engineers.

Thanjavur Municipality adopted a resolution for the construction of the bridge at Santha Pillai gate in November 2011 for the construction of the bridge. The resolution was adopted as a follow up to Chief Minister Jayalalithaa’s promise during the Assembly election campaign that a bridge would be built at Santha Pillai gate.

Previously, when DMK was in power in the municipality, a resolution was adopted for construction of a bridge at a cost of Rs. 41 crore in 2009. But later it was changed for the construction of a subway at that place and a resolution was adopted in this connection. When AIADMK came to power, it rescinded the earlier resolution for contraction of subway and adopted a fresh resolution for construction of the bridge in 2011. Another bridge is built at Marimmankoil on the same Thanajvur-Nagapattinam highway. Work is going on in this site.