SCCL-NTPC-SCR sign Tripartite MOU under merry-go-round scheme for Coal transportation

NEW DELHI: A tripartite agreement has been signed among the National Thermal Power Corporation (NTPC), the South Central Railway (SCR) and the Singareni Collieries Company Ltd (SCCL) here for transportation of 35 lakh tonnes of coal every year to NTPC through merry-go-round rail line.

Officials of the SCCL said it was the first agreement for coal transportation in the merry-go-round circular rail line laid by NTPC involving a third party, wherein the SCR would provide wagons to the NTPC for transporting coal using the circular line. For it, the SCR would charge Rs.45 per tonne of coal against Rs.260 per tonne being paid now for transportation of coal from Ramakrishnapur and Manadamarri areas, about 30 km away from the NTPC Ramagundam plant.

The agreement was signed by Executive Director of SCCL Namburi Srinivas, Chief Commercial Manager of the SCR M.d. Sekharan and General Manager (O&M) of the NTPC U.K. Dasgupta in the present of SCR General Manager Ravindra Gupta.

The SCCL is already supplying 90 lakh tonnes of coal to NTPC as per the coal linkage agreement through the former’s silo, huge storage space to protect coal from rain, wind and sun, in Ramagundam-2 area. The NTPC would take the coal from the silo to the thermal plant with the help of the circular rail line established by it.

By signing the tripartite agreement, the NTPC would save transportation charges of Rs.215 per tonne of coal for getting 35 lakh tonnes of it from OCP-3 and CHP mines in Ramagundam-2 area of SCCL instead of Ramakrishnapur and Mandamarri areas. It would also help the SCR make revenue without using its infrastructure except the wagons. It also helps SCCL as it could transport coal from Ramagunda OC-3 easily.

SCCL sets itself an ambitious target – to produce 66 million tonnes in the current financial year by expediting the process of operationalising its new mines

Having set itself an ambitious target of 66 million tonnes in the current financial year, the Singareni Collieries Company Limited (SCCL) has expedited the process of operationalising its new mines as well as expansion of the existing opencast projects, including Koyagudem OC-2 Pit-1 in the coal-rich district.

The company has laid renewed focus on opening new coal mines and augmenting production in the existing ones in the entire coal belt region.

According to SCCL sources, efforts are on to commence mining operations in the Koyagudem Opencast Project-2 Pit-1, with a production capacity of 3 million tonnes per annum, in Yellendu area of Kothagudem region by next month-end.


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