School Girls harassed by Railway Examinees at Patna junction

Patna:  A group of school girls who had gone to Patna for an excursion along with their teachers were allegedly harassed and teased by a group of men who were also travelling after taking the Group D railway recruitment test on Sunday night. It was reported that the group of girl students from Carmel Schools Dhanbad and Digwadih “were teased for 45 harrowing minutes by 60 youths on a crowded platform at Patna Junction. They made lewd remarks at the girls, forcibly occupied reserved seats on Ganga Damodar Express sleeper coach (S1) and blocked the two doors of the compartment.”

Shockingly no one came to help the girls and their teachers. The RPF sub-inspector and constable in Patna also reportedly disappeared from the spot while the group was being harassed. Darleen Rydqvist, a teacher of Carmel School, Dhanbad, told: “Our contingent had assembled on platform No 10 at Patna Junction before time to catch the train that arrives at 11.30 pm. As soon as it did, hundreds of railway recruitment examinees swarmed on the platform and rushed inside sleeper coaches, including S1. Then, the nightmare started.” Seats for the girls for Dhanbad were booked on S1 and the girls from Digwadih were to go in S2. The group of railway recruitment test examinees were mostly travelling ticketless and forcibly occupied seats booked by the students “One of the girls called up her father, a highly placed man, who got a TTE to accompany us to the AC coach. All 99 of us spent the night crammed into the 62 berths in the AC compartment and somehow returned home,” Rydqvist told.