Science Express Climate Action Express (SECAS) enters Udaipur

Science Express Climate Action ExpressUdaipur (UDZ): After 7 successful tours across India, Science Express with the theme ‘Climate Change’ has entered Udaipur that traveled from Jodhpur. Known as ‘Science Express Climate Action Special’, it is an innovative mobile science exhibition mounted on a 16 coach AC train, custom built for Dept of Science & Technology by Indian Railways.

It is a unique collaborative initiative of Department of Science & Technology, Ministry of Environment, Forest & Climate Change (MoEFCC), and Ministry of Railway, Government of India. The SECAS in its current phase is scheduled to travel across the country for about 7 months, halting at 64 locations in 20 States, covering 19,800 km. The exhibition will convey a strong message about Climate Change and will also be a good opportunity to generate dialogue and discussion.

Of the 16 coaches of SECAS, exhibition in 8 coaches developed by Centre for Environment Education (CEE) on behalf of MoEFCC, is exclusively devoted to information, case studies and material related to various aspect of Climate change, the underlying science, impacts, adaptation activities, mitigation solutions and policy approaches in a manner that is easy to understand and interesting for not just school students but also the masses.

At each halt of SECAS, activities are planned to engage visitors across different age groups to reinforce its message. An exciting and much sought-after Outreach Programme is also conducted in local schools/institutions along with activities on the railway platforms. In addition, informative take-away material is made available for wider distribution amongst schools and visitors.

The express has entered Rana Pratap Railway Station’s platform no. 1 and will stay for the next 5 days. The timing of the exhibition is from 10 AM to 5 PM and visitors are not allowed to carry mobiles, camera, bag, matchsticks, cigarette, tobacco products, water bottles etc. inside the coaches.

For visit to the exhibition or any queries, please send an email to or contact the team aboard the train on 09428405407. School students can participate in the JOS Lab in small batches of up to 20 students, by prior registration.


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