Scomi Engg, Skoda Transportation to collaborate in Joint Development of MRT & LRT Vehicles

Scomi Engineering ( and Czech transport engineering company Skoda Transportation have signed a Collaboration Agreement relating to the joint development of Mass Rapid Transit (MRT) and Light Rail Transit (LRT) vehicles.

The partnership will see both parties emerge with new product offerings to complement their existing suite of transport solutions, products and services for world-wide distribution.

The company says that this co-operation will be very beneficial for both parties. Scomi can give Skoda an opportunity to break into the ASEAN, Brazil and India markets, where it has already a strong presence, while Scomi will have the opportunity to co-operate with Skoda in Central European markets.

In tandem with the Collaboration Agreement, Scomi has also signed a Master Distribution Agreement (MDA) with Skoda Electric (a subsidiary of Skoda Transportation) for the distribution and marketing of the latter’s products. Under this MDA, Scomi has exclusive rights to use, market, distribute and re-sell components, products and services of Skoda Electric in the Brazil and ASEAN markets (other specific markets are non-exclusive).

The products under this MDA include — but are not limited to — complete rail-vehicle traction solutions, traction motors, traction and auxiliary power equipment, and Train Control Monitoring Systems. This partnership will also offer products jointly developed by Scomi and Skoda Electric, as well as refurbishment/modernisation services for rail vehicles.


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