SCR achieves Significant Milestones in Electrification on Guntakal-Raichur-Wadi and Nallapadu-Cumbum Sections

SECUNDERABAD: South Central Railway achieved another significant milestone with the commissioning of Electrical Traction on Guntakal-Raichur-Wadi section and Nallapadu-Cumbum section of Guntur-Nandyal rail route. Commissioner of Railway Safety (CRS) issued authorisation for introduction of Electrical Traction on these two routes with a length a 301 Route kilometres and 517 Track Kilometres in one go. CRS authorization issued for electrical traction of Guntakal-Chiksugur section (136 Rkm) and Nallapadu-Cumbum section (165 Rkm).

Vinod Kumar Yadav, General Manager, South Central Railway has been focussing on providing new impetus to the speedy completion of all infrastructural works on SCR. He conducted extensive works review meetings with Rail Viksas Nigam Limited (RVNL) and Centre for Railway Electrification Organisation (CORE) officials to facilitate timely execution of the projects. His initiatives facilitated timely approval of plans, budgetary sanctions and speedy execution of the works as well as prompt certification of Commissioner Railway Safety for the projects which helps in the Operational convenience and improving the mobility of Passenger and Freight Trains. It is a new record in the history of South Central Railway to get CRS authorisation for 517 kms length of Electric Traction in one go

Guntakal-Raichur-Wadi Electrification project

The Guntakal-Raichur-Wadi section which provides a vital link towards Mumbai and North India from Chennai, Bengaluru and Southern parts. Guntakal-Wadi Electrification project was sanctioned in the year 2009-10. This section has 228 Route Kilometres and 547 Track Kilometres. The Guntakal-Chiksugur section comprising 136 route kilometre length was authorized for introduction of electrical traction by Commissioner of Railway Safety recently. The entire project was executed with an expenditure of 207.7 crores. The electrification works of this section were taken up in two parts i.e., Wadi-Raichur & Guntakal-Raichur sections. Wadi-Raichur section has a length of 107 route kilometres and a length of 260 track kilometres. Guntakal-Raichur section has a length of 121 route kilometres and a length of 287 track kilometres. This section is having a total of 26 stations Enroute, 49 Manned level crossings and 17 Un-manned level crossings.

The completion of electrification between Wadi and Guntakal will enable to run Trains with Electric engines between Mumbai, New Delhi and Bengaluru, Chennai. Commissioner of Railway Safety authorised for running of electrical locomotives on Chiksugur-Guntakal Section recently.

Electrification of Nallapadu-Cumbum Section (165  Rkm)

The electrification of the Section Nallapadu-Cumbum-Diguvametta-Dhone-Guntakal, with a total 426 Route Kilometer  was sanctioned at an estimated cost of Rs. 363.32 Cr. during the year 2012-13. So far an amount of Rs.261.46 was incurred for the Nallapadu-Diguvametta section.

As a part of the electrification project, the section between Nallapadu-Cumbum is completed on Guntur-Nandyal-Guntakal rail route. Nallapadu-Cumbum section comprises of 165 Route Kilometers and 200 Track Kilometers. Commissioner of Railway Safety, South Central Circle/Secunderabad has conducted statutory inspection and authorized for introduction of passenger train services on electric traction was issued.

The advantages of this Electric Traction in the section of Nallapadu-Cumbum will be:–

  • The passenger Trains between Tenali-Markapur can be converted from Diesel Loco hauling to Electric Loco hauling which will save diesel cost, avoid pollution with increased sectional speed for optimum utilization.
  • All Diesel hauled Trains (Passenger/Goods) will run on Electric Traction from Vijayawada to Guntur and can be extended up to Markapur covering also Narsaraopet and Vinukonda.

Guntakal-Wadi Electrification project Map

Electrification of Nallapadu-Cumbum Section (164 Rkm)