SCR & NDRF Conduct Mock Disaster Management Drill at Bolarum Railway Station

disaster mgmt scrSecunderabad: It was a incident needing prompt attention and response. A passenger coach had climbed over another coach at Bolarum Railway Station and six passengers were stuck inside needing help. Immediately, rescue teams from South Central Railway (SCR) and National Disaster Response Force (NDRF) were pressed into service and the passengers were evacuated and relief arranged for those amongst them who were injured. This entire rescue and relief operation was completed in just 50 minutes, signifying the essence of time during an emergency.

disaster mgmt scr2The above mentioned scene of disaster was not a real one but a full scale Technical Mock Drill conducted jointly by SCR and NDRF personnel at Bolarum Railway Station today i.e. 11th September 2015. Mock Drill was conducted in order to assess and enhance the efficiency and alertness of the staff to meet the challenges that arise during an accident. In this mock drill exercise, a total of 110 personnel trained in disaster management including 30 persons from NDRF, 45 from Secunderabad Division, 20 from Hyderabad Division, 15 from Railway Protection Force were involved.

disaster mgmt scr3The objective of the Mock drill was also to test the use of various equipment procured for use during disasters and undertake hands-on experience with tools like cold cutting equipment such as saber saw, abrasive cutter to cut the window rods and the coach body, which facilitates easy lifting of injured passengers and evacuate them from the affected coaches. A 140 Tonne Crane and Accident Relief Train were also put to use during the entire exercise.

disaster mgmt scr4Speaking with media on the sidelines of the mock drill, Aruna Singh, Divisional Railway Manager, Hyderabad Division said that railways are well trained in tackling disaster rescue/ relief operations and advised rail users to remain confident on the abilities of the railway personnel. She said that the mock drill is conducted as per the directives of Minister of Railways, targeting to achieve Zero accidents record on Indian Railways. During the current year 2015-16 till date, Hyderabad Division has maintained a Zero accident slate on the strength of continuous efforts of the Safety team, she added.  This was on account of elimination of 21 Un-Manned Level Crossings (UMLCs) on the Division by means of providing Road under Bridges etc during 2014-15. Further, 14 more UMLCs are targeted for elimination during the current year and the objective is to eliminate all UMLCs by 2016-17, she informed. Other measures towards safety on the Division include posting of Road Safety Counsellors at UMLCs, safety awareness campaigns etc.

S.P.Sahu, Chief Safety Officer/SCR, L.S.R.K. Sastry, Sr.Divisional Safety Officer, Hyderabad Division/SCR and R.P.Choudhary, Sub Inspector/NDRF were amongst those present.
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