SCR fetches over Rs.11.78 Crore revenue out of Ticketless/Irregular/Unbooked Luggage cases

SECUNDERABAD: The regular ticket checking campaigns conducted over South Central Railway to curb Ticketless / Irregular / Un-booked luggage have resulted in detection of 3.37 lakh cases of Ticketless / Irregular / Un-Booked luggage in the month of May, 2017. An amount of Rs.11.78 Crores was collected as fare and penalty. Ticket Checking campaigns are being conducted to prevent antisocial elements from recurrent ticketless travel and curb unauthorised Hawking / Vending in trains.

South Central Railway has launched 45 special Magisterial drives in the month of May, 2017. These checks are aimed at prosecuting habitual offenders violating the various provisions of the Railway Act and have been conducted with Squads comprising of ticket checking and Railway Protection Force Personnel, over all the divisions. During the month of May, 2017 and 1,458 persons have been prosecuted, realising an amount of Rs 2.89 Lakhs as a fines from Magisterial drives.

As a part of this effort a massive Prosecution check was conducted over Hyderabad Division on 2nd June, 2017 with Manorabad and Shadnagar stations as bases. A total of 179 persons were apprehended, travelling without tickets and 12 passengers were found travelling with excess Un-booked luggage realising a total of Rs. 54,095 as fare and penalty. In addition seven persons were also prosecuted during the checks.

The special magisterial drives will be continued to be organised in the ensuing months with a view to prosecute ticketless travellers, unauthorised Hawkers, males travelling in ladies coaches, people occupying the physically handicapped cabins, etc and other regular defaulters. SCR requests the public to travel by trains and to enter the Railway stations only on valid journey and platform tickets.