SCR holds Mission Satyanishtha – a Program on Ethics in Public Governance in association with IC Centre for Governance

SECUNDERABAD: ‘Mission Satyanishtha’ – a program on Ethics in Public Governance, launched by Indian Railways was conducted today i.e., 29th August, 2018 on South Central Railway. The daylong event held at SCR Head quarters, Rail Nilayam, Secunderabad and simultaneously video linked with all six divisions viz., Secunderabad, Hyderabad, Vijayawada, Guntur, Guntakal and Nanded was attended by a very large number of Officers and Senior Supervisors.

The Indian Railways has associated with “Initiative of Change Centre for Governance, New Delhi” to take up the program nationally. The facilitator speakers were Shri Prabhat Kumar, Former Secretary, Internal Security, Ex. Governor of Jharkhand and President of IC Centre for Governance; Shri Mahesh Kapoor, Former Advisor, Planning Commission & Vice President of IC Centre for Governance; Shri Mukund Bihari Kaushal, Former Secretary, Internal Security, Ministry of Home Affairs; Shri Anil Swaroop, Former Secretary, School  Education & Literacy, MHRD and Shri Dilip Patel, Counselor and Learning Facilitator associated with the IC Centre for Governance. Shri Mahesh Kumar Gupta, Member Engineering, Railway Board, New Delhi was the Chief Guest while Shri Shanti Narain, Former Member Traffic, Railway Board and Secretary General of IC Centre for Governance delivered the concluding remarks.

Shri Vinod Kumar Yadav, General Manager, South Central Railway in his inaugural address highlighted the great initiative of Shri Ashwani Lohani, Chairman Railway Board under the leadership of Shri Piyush Goyal, Hon’ble Minister of Railways towards conceptualizing a program on Ethics in Public Governance which took shape as “Mission Satyanishtha”. This Mission has given more teeth to the unprecedented transformation initiative seen on Indian Railways in the past one year. It is time for the Railway Officers and Staff to take advantage and transform the mammoth organization to cater to the utmost satisfaction of the Customers, both passengers and freight, the General Manager stressed. Presenting SCR’s own focus towards performance and transformation which has earned the Zone, recognition as the best on Indian Railways, Shri Vinod Kumar Yadav expressed confidence that the effort towards attaining the best will continue with the same zeal.

Elaborating on Mission Satyanishtha, Shri Vinod Kumar Yadav expressed optimism that this movement will transform each employee to work with honesty and integrity. This in turn will develop every individual employee as a positive, happy and healthy entity. In the last 50 years, Indian Railways could not develop its Infrastructure in tune with the demand putting pressure on its system. However, there is a fresh emphasis lent by the Minister of Railways and Chairman Railway Board, which has brought a fresh momentum to rail development in the last one year. Their bold decision to accord top priority to maintenance and safety has hugely added to make Indian Railways more efficient and trust worthy. Mission Satyanishtha is bound to remove impediments as corruption, delay in decision making etc, thereby giving thrust to these initiatives of progress.

The Chief Guest, Shri Mahesh Kumar Gupta defined the mission as a combination of SATYA which stands for truth and NISHTA, a belief, devotion and duty. He stated that the duty of Indian Railways is a combination of government organization and a commercial organization. Each individual faces difficult situations in public in personal life, which can be overcome by following the inner voice to right path. Satyanishta is not an easy path and there will be temporary setbacks, but on the strength of ethics the truth will prevail. Railway workforce has chosen the job and it is their duty to fulfill the role assigned, he added and said that this can be achieved when ethics take the center stage in the daily way of life.

The first speaker, Shri Mahesh Kapoor described Ethics as what is right. Ethics in Railways will bring more punctuality and safety in train operations, since each employee will work with a sincere purpose, committed to safely carry passengers and not indulge in any unethical practice which can lead to loss of innocent lives due to accidents. He wanted the Railway officers and staff to stand for values without fear, so that their sub-ordinates follow them.

Shri Prabhat Kumar described Satyanishtha as a unique journey meant to make Indian Railways more ethical. It is contagious and has got a lot of potential to positively spread and make the work force ethical, emphasizing that the results will be still more high on SCR because of its sincere work culture. He brought out the fact that individuals do things according to context and ethics directly depend on the same. Shri Prabhat Kumar wanted the gathering to personally seek answers to the questions whether in public perception, Indian Railways is considered an ethical organization; whether the workforce take pride in working for Indian Railways; whether each one is performing the job to the best of capability; if they are honest in various aspects and if they have any time exceeded their call of duty. Railway officers and supervisors should develop their ethical levels to make their sub-ordinates as true followers and not just the ones who obey for authority.

Shri Mukund Bihari Kaushal presented his definition of ethics and stated that it has to a continuous process. The factors instrumental for imbibing ethics are – Individual background, Commitment to work, Pride in the job and Organization. It is for each individual to see themselves in a mirror after taking a decision. Sticking to the correct path in professional working will also bring in a lot of personal peace, he opined. The speaker also advised that disagreements with higher authorities can be presented in a proper manner so that the same is understood and accepted. He narrated his own experiences as a Senior Police Official who also served as the Commissioner of Delhi Police, to buttress his point that ethical values and following the correct path will always prevail.

Shri Anil Swarup brought out the fact that generally good people fight their own battles while the bad gather. Therefore the solution lies in developing the – NEXUS OF GOOD which focuses on how good people can spread goodness and also join together to create more of goodwill. He highlighted that positive energy is infectious and will add lot of mental strength to each of the railway employee when they enhance the ethical standards in life.

Shri Dilip Patel presented a unique “Life Balance Sheet” wherein he interestingly brought out the negatives and positives of balancing life and advised the gathering to do away with negativity so as to derive more happiness and content in professional and personnel lives. Ethical governance is not that simple and therefore taking a positive approach will give direction to each individual and enable them to act with more compassion, energy and trust with others, thereby enabling the team to perform together.

Shri Shanti Narain gave credit to the Hon’ble Rail Minister and Chairman Railway Board for taking up “Mission Satyanishta” on Indian Railways. With its disciplined, dedicated and committed workforce, the organization is bound to succeed in its endeavor to enhance Ethics. The role of Railway Officers and Supervisors is critical since their determine the organizational perception and can make a change. Listening to the inner voice of ethical consciousness will do wonders, he opined.

Earlier, Shri N.V.Ramana Reddy, Principal Chief Personnel Officer, SCR welcomed the gathering and briefed on the purpose of Mission Satyanishta, which is to sensitize Officers and Staff on probity in public life. Shri John Thomas, Additional General Manager, SCR administered a pledge to the gathering on integrity, transparency, eradication of corruption and to provide value based service to countrymen. Ms.Alka Arora Misra, Executive Director/Training, Railway Board also spoke. Shri S.Srinivas Chief Personnel Officer, Administration presented the vote of thanks.