SCR hosts Biodiesel Online Blending Facility and Water Recycling Plant

Secunderabad: Ravindra Gupta, General Manager, South Central Railway inaugurated Biodiesel Online Blending Facility at Railway Consumer Depot, Kacheguda and Water Recycling Plant at Railway Colony, Kacheguda today i.e. on 29th November, 2016. A.K. Gupta, Additional General Manager;  S.N. Singh, Principal Chief Engineer; South Central Railway, Aruna Singh, Divisional Railway Manager, Hyderabad Division;  Ashesh Agarwal, Divisional Railway Manager, Secunderabad Division were among those present.

Speaking on the occasion, Ravindra Gupta, General Manager, SCR said that the installation of Biodiesel Online Blending Facility will gradually bring down the dependency of Indian Railways and the Nation on fossil fuel. Further it will also entail a substantial reduction in Foreign exchange spent on procuring HSD oil. This will also have the added benefit of earning huge carbon credits to the Railways since use of Bio-diesel as alternate fuel will reduce corresponding amount of carbon footprint. This innovation will not only give a big boost to the Indian economy but also will result in cleaner Environment. The General Manager planted sapling in the premises of Railway Consumer Depot.

Later, Ravindra Gupta inaugurated the Water Recycling Plant at Railway Colony, Kacheguda. This plant has a recycling capacity of 500 KLD (Kilo Liters per Day). The recycled water generated from this plant will be used for maintaining the gardens, watering the plants etc in the Railway Colony, Kacheguda.  The utilization of the water recycling plant is expected to save an amount of Rs 3 Crs per annum approximately.