SCR introduces Live Tracking of MMTS trains using GPS/GPRS technology

Secunderabad (SC): SCR is committed to leverage the Information Technology to provide customer-friendly service delivery mechanisms towards qualitatively enhancing the passengers’ experience o­n Railways. The current position of running of trains is an important data input that needs to be conveyed o­n real-time basis to the passengers o­n platforms. SCR has taken a step forward in this direction with the establishment of a modern, high-end LED passenger information display system o­n the platforms at all MMTS stations in the twin cities.

As hundreds of passengers gather at a time o­n platforms to board trains during peak hours, it will practically be difficult to satisfy their enquiry needs through manual counters. To handle such situation, universal train information display boards have been provided in a big way at all major stations o­n SCR. However, keeping in view the needs of the suburban commuters o­n MMTS system, advanced LED display monitors, which provide real-time passenger related information, have been set up recently o­n outsourcing basis. The architecture of this system is designed based o­n Global Positioning System (GPS) and General Packet Radio System (GPRS) technologies.

At present, SCR operates 121 MMTS services o­n Falaknuma – Secunderabad/Hyderabad – Lingampalli routes (42 kms) over 26 stations, ferrying around 1.5 lakh passengers o­n an average per day. 215 high- definition LED monitors have so far been set up o­n 69 platforms at all the 26 MMTS Stations. A GPS based receptor module, which receives its latitude and longitude co-ordinates from satellite, is fixed in each of the motorcar in all MMTS trains. This device encrypts, processes and transmits information o­n train number, route and current location etc. to a main server using GPRS. No manual intervention is required for any inputs. An external main server receives and analyses this encrypted data, decrypts and sends out information to local servers installed at stations.

The local server at a particular station feeds the relevant information to the display monitors positioned o­n the platforms. These monitors display the current location of the next three MMTS trains o­n run that are to arrive at a particular station in either direction. This position will automatically gets updated o­n real-time basis as per the movement of the train. The train number, route, the live status of the train and the expected arrival/delays etc. at that station is displayed for the next three trains in sequence in three languages – Telugu, Hindi and English.

This system can be used for displaying useful information o­n the other regular express/passenger trains (Non-MMTS) also such as their expected time/delays and platform number etc. at major stations- Secunderabad, Hyderabad,Begumpet, Kacheguda, Lingampalli and Falaknuma. In addition, this system automatically triggers Public announcements in three languages – Telugu, Hindi and English – o­n the next expected trains at that station. The auto announcements for MMTS trains are given 5 minutes before and again 2 minutes before the arrival of the train for alerting the passengers.

Such live tracking of all MMTS trains and display of station specific information in a passenger – friendly format and auto announcements will be of immense help to the passengers as they get updated o­n the status of trains o­n real-time basis, obviating the need for any enquiry o­n this. Through this system audio-visuals to spread public awareness o­n issues related to safety/security etc. and passenger related other key information like cancellations/special services etc. can also be relayed. The display services as mentioned above will be available from 04:00 hrs to 23:59 hrs daily.

This automated self-intelligent system effectively enhances the passenger convenience as it provides useful information o­n real-time basis o­n a host of issues that is needed for the waiting passengers present o­n platforms at Station.