SCR introduces Train Captain concept on important Trains

Train Captains of Sachkhand Express

SECUNDERABAD: South Central Railway has introduced the concept of “Train Captain” as overall leader and in charge of all on-board railway personnel and outsourced staff of long distance Mail / Express Trains from today i.e., 21st June, 2018. The following trains will be manned by “Train Captain”:-

  • Train No. 12723 Hyderabad – New Delhi Telangana Express
  • Train No.12798 Chittoor – Kacheguda Venkatadri Express
  • Train No. 12715 H.S.Nanded – Amritsar Sachkhand Express
  • Train No. 12718 Vijayawada – Visakhapatnam Ratnachal Express
  • Train No. 12747 Guntur – Vikarabad Palnadu Express
  • Train No. 12731 Tirupati – Secunderabad Express
  • Train No. 12793 Tirupati – Nizamabad Rayalseema Express
Train Captains of Telangana Express

Long distance Mail / Express trains are provided with large team of Railway personnel and outsourced staff of Catering, Cleanliness on-board for offering various services to the passengers and to provide maintenance on run.  In order to bring better coordination amongst different service personnel working and to introduce the concept of a single person / leader responsible for coordinating the entire team and facilitating all services during the complete journey of the train to give passenger satisfaction and comfort, Railway Board has introduced the concept of “Train Captain”.

In trains like Rajdhani / Shatabdi / Duronto and other trains where a Train Superintendent (TS) is on end-to-end basis, Train Superintendent shall be nominated as “Train Captain” and made responsible for all the facilities on trains.  Train Superintendent is provided with a badge of Train Captain to be worn on the uniform.  All the onboard railway personnel and supervisors of all outsourced agencies shall report to the Train Captain for effective control and supervision to improve the onboard services offered by Railways.

Train Captains of Ratnachal Express

Name and contact number of the Train Captain is made available to the passengers through reservation chart before departure of the train.  Other TTEs working in the train as well as the supervisors of OBH staff, Pantry Manager, Bedroll contractor, AC Coach Attendants etc will SMS their mobile numbers to the Train Captain. During the journey, Train Captain stays in touch with the other service personnel and ensure that they discharge their duty promptly and efficiently.  In case of any complaints from passengers, he gets them redressed by contacting the service personnel on board or at the major stations enroute.