SCR Sets up Surveillance Cameras at Reservation Offices

Secunderabad: South Central Railway is strongly committed to eliminate the menace of touts and middlemen in Railway Reservation Ticketing area through intensified monitoring of Computerized Passenger Reservation System (PRS) Offices and Booking Offices. To facilitate observing and monitoring the working of these offices, SCR has taken the initiatives of installing Video Surveillance Cameras at Computerized Passenger Reservation System Offices and Booking Offices at major Stations. Surveillance Cameras have already been installed at Secunderabad, Vijayawada, Guntur, Nanded and Guntakal Stations during May, 2013 and it planned to set up such Cameras at other major stations also in due course. These Cameras are used for observing the activity of touting, if any, in the Reservation Offices and also to observe the presence of middlemen in the ticketing area who may approach the passengers near reservation counters. The footage of these Surveillance Cameras is made available to higher officials on real time basis through Railnet with the help of an IP address assigned to each one of them. These Surveillance Cameras are now facilitating the Divisional authorities such as Divisional Railway Manager and Sr. Divisional Commercial Manager to monitor the working of the Reservation or Booking Counters for appropriate intervention. Facility is also available for recording the Video images and storing them for subsequent viewing in case any untoward incident is reported.