SCR to build walls to protect railway land at Aurangabad

AURANGABAD: As a part of its plans to protect its land from encroachment, Indian Railways has started giving funds to their respective divisions across the country to build walls around their premises. As part of the project, the railways have provided Rs 1.94 crore in the first phase to Aurangabad railway station of Nanded Division in South Central Railways to construct a 7.2-km long wall.

The railways will have to complete the work of constructing 7.2-km long walls on either side of the railway tracks. Railway officials said that the areas which are more endangered by encroachments will witness construction of walls on priority.

Assistant railway divisional engineer D Chandramohan said, “For the first phase we have been allotted Rs 1.94 crore. We will start construction of walls having an average height of 6 ft in the direction towards Jalna, as the area between Aurangabad and Karmad railway station is most prone to encroachment.”

He also said that the railways faced problems in securing its own area, as most of the time the construction works were uprooted, and the steel within was stolen. So this time concrete walls will be constructed.

Railway sources said that as of now with the first phase of construction of walls, the railway authorities will not meddle with the existing encroachments but will carry on the work at the places which are still under the possession of the railways.

Earlier the railway had removed some encroachments and tried to build walls to fence the railway land. The slums around had made it impossible by each time allegedly uprooting the construction work done by the railway authorities.