SCR to take Stringent Action against Carriage of Diwali Fire Crackers/Inflammables in Trains

सिकंदराबाद Secunderabad (SC):  In view of the ensuing Diwali festive season, South Central Railway is undertaking checks to prevent carriage of fire crackers or inflammable substances in trains or in Railway premises. Carrying of such items in trains or in stations poses grave threat to safety and creates a highly unsafe situation for all the passengers around. Any unintentional pressure applied on fire crackers or a small spark can lead to a mishap with dire consequences.

Hence, South Central Railway cautions all rail users not to carry fire crackers or any other inflammable / explosive articles such as raw materials for fire crackers, Gas Cylinder, Petrol / Diesel / Kerosene, Stoves, Lantern, Explosive Chemical Powder, acids and any  other detonating substances as luggage / parcel with them in railway premises or  in the train compartments. Smoking in Railway premises is also prohibited.

Stringent action will be taken against any offender who is found carrying such articles. As per section 67, 154, 164 and 165 of the Railways Act 1989, carrying inflammable and explosive articles on Railways is a punishable offence with a punishment up to 3 years Jail or fine up to Rs. 1000/- or both, besides being liable for the loss / injury or damage caused.

In the interest of Public Safety, South Central Railway requests the passengers that in case they notice fire crackers or any other suspicious / dangerous explosive / inflammable material in trains or at stations, they may immediately alert the nearest Railway Staff or call on the Security Helpline-1322 to enable the Railways to initiate necessary action.

Apart from checks to prevent carrying of these unsafe articles, S.C. Railway is making concerted efforts to sensitize people on the dangers posed by carrying fireworks / inflammables through publicity in various Media so as to enhance public awareness on this issue.