SCR tops the Chart in Punctuality Performance & Passenger Earnings on Indian Railways during FY 2016-17

SECUNDERABAD: South Central Railway earned the coveted top spot amongst all Zones on Indian Railways in terms of Punctuality Performance and Passenger Earnings during the financial year 2016-17.

Punctuality Performance:

SCR has attained a new record in its Punctuality Performance concerning all Passengers carrying Trains during 2016-17, achieving a record of 96.32 % punctuality of train services, which is the highest amongst all the Zones on Indian Railways. The Zone, in fact has bettered its own punctuality performance of 91.66% in 2015-16, by attaining a +4.66% high. A total of 745 Train Services are run on SCR every day, which include 270 Mail/Express Train services, 354 Passenger services and 121 MMTS services.

S.No Railways Punctuality Percentage (%) Variation %
2015-16 2016-17
1 South Central Railway 91.66 96.32 + 4.66
2 Western Railway 95.04 95.90 + 0.86
3 South Western Railway 93.24 95.36 + 2.12
4 South Eastern Railway 93.49 94.81 + 1.32
5 North Western Railway 93.67 94.31 + 0.64
6 Central Railway 91.83 93.19 + 1.36
7 Eastern Railway 92.34 91.50 – 0.84

While SCR heads the top most rank, Western Railway and South Western Railway follow at the 2nd and 3rd position in terms of punctuality performance on Indian Railways. The South Eastern Railway; North Western Railway; Central Railway and Eastern Railway follow later.

Vinod Kumar Yadav, General Manager, SCR has prioritised punctuality of train services on SCR as a focus area. He has been extensively holding meetings with all the concerned departments involved in train operations, to analyse short comings and draw ideas to overcome in the efforts towards optimising punctuality.  His stress on building up asset reliability in terms of maintenance of Rolling Stock including Locos and Coaches has been instrumental to SCR’s rise to the top as the best Zone on Indian Railways in terms of Punctuality of train service. The General Manager has also been strident in enhancing the monitoring of train operations by the traffic department at various levels, which too has paid off.

Recently, Suresh Prabhakar Prabhu, Hon’ble Minister for Railways has communicated to all the Zones to improve Punctuality rate of train services and sought that the Officials should take immediate corrective measures where ever needed, to increase punctuality of trains. He had cautioned that there will be no compromise on this aspect. In the light of the same, SCR’s performance on the Punctuality front and attaining status as the top most Zone in this aspect, has earned appreciation from the General Manager who has called upon the entire workforce of Officers and Staff involved in Train operations to continue this momentum and still better the punctuality percentage on SCR.

Passenger Earnings:

South Central Railway has notched up yet another National best performance, achieving the first position in terms of Passenger earnings on Indian Railways (IR). SCR has recorded a 7.62 % increase in passenger earnings during 2016-17 which touched Rs. 3564.81 Crore, as against Rs. 3312.49 Crore during the previous fiscal 2015-16.

Position Zone 2015-16 2016-17 % Variation
1 South Central Railway 3312.49 3564.81 7.62
2 East Central Railway 2429.78 2604.76 7.20
3 West Central Railway 1412.46 1506.90 6.69
4 North Frontier Railway 1514.05 1610.58 6.38
5 Eastern Railway 2456.97 2579.40 4.98

East Central Railway follows SCR at the 2nd position while West Central Railway, North Frontier Railway and Eastern Railway are placed at the 3rd, 4th and 5th position in the passenger earnings segment on Indian Railways.

The General Manager, SCR, Vinod Kumar Yadav has focused his plans for handling passenger traffic by means of running required number of special trains and attaching extra coaches to various regular trains, in tune with the demands of traffic. This stress, led to rise in passenger traffic and earnings in the last quarter of the fiscal 2016-17, which enabled SCR, overcome the earlier reverse trend and perform better.

For the current year too, the General Manager has directed Officials to have a dynamic ready plan, basing on passenger traffic demands and run special trains and attach extra coaches so as to afford convenient rail travel option to users. Plans were formulated in February 2017 to run special trains for the summer season. Accordingly, 440 summer special trains are being run during the current summer months connecting various destinations including Hyderabad, Tirupati, Vijayawada, Visakhapatnam, Patna, Guwahati, Jaipur, Tatanagar, Bikaner, Kochi, Nanded, Nagarsol etc. On an average, in the current summer season, 35 additional coaches are being attached each day to augment the carrying capacity of trains. The high point of this continuing plan implementation of SCR is the visible upward trend in the present month of April, the first of the current fiscal 2017-18. During the initial 18 days of April 2017, the earnings of SCR on the passenger traffic segment have shown an increase of Rs.18 crore i.e., 01 crore each day. In terms of numbers, the originating passenger traffic has also increased by 10 lakhs between 1st and 18th April, 2017 on the Zone.