SCR’s Eco & Energy Conservation initiative yields substantial results

SECUNDERABAD: Signifying a pro-active stance on the plans of Railway Ministry towards developing a greener Railway, South Central Railway has undertaken a concerted multi-pronged plan on the Zone towards eco and energy conservation. The initiative has yielded substantial results for the Zone during 2016-17. Shri Vinod Kumar Yadav, General Manager, SCR has accorded top priority towards energy and water conservation, so as to develop a greener Railway. He also spelt out plans on SCR to develop the Head Quarters office of the Zone, Rail Nilayam, Secunderabad as a Green Building. Addressing a meeting, the General Manager also informed that Secunderabad Railway station is amongst five stations chosen on Indian Railways to convert as Green Stations. He stated that the Zone will identify at least one station on each of its Six Divisions to develop as Green Stations, conveying the importance attached to the task.

The efforts towards Conservation of Water on SCR during the year 2016-17, have been focused on the aspects of recycling of water, rejunivation of water bodies, developing rain harvesting systems, water audit etc., Water Recycling plants have been set up at Kacheguda and Hyderabad Railway stations with a combined capacity of 800 Kilo litres per day, and plans are afoot to set up 2 more such plants at Tirupati and Guntur. The water recycling plant at Hyderabad, which was commissioned recently to handle a load of 3 Lakh liters per day is expected to enable savings of Rs. 2.41 Crore per annum. 37 new water ponds have been constructed to cover an area of 200 Sq.mts, while 30 such existing water ponds covering an area of another 200 Sq.mts have been rejuvenated.

An ancient well evolved from the times of Kakatiya Dynasty (11th Century) recently renamed as Salar Jung open well by the Nizam State Railway

The efforts of SCR in the field of reviving old Open Wells have borne excellent results. Starting with the rejuvenation of the 150 year old Salarjung Open Well at Moula-Ali, Hyderabad, five such open wells have been revived to yield 4.92 Lakh Liters of water per day. Out of these, four wells located in the area of Hyderabad / Secunderabad will save an amount of Rs. 2.4 Crore for the Railways annually. This initiative earned praise from Hon’ble Minister for Railways who has advised all the Zones to emulate SCR on this aspect.

A unique “Pagdandi” type bund construction is being taken up on SCR to retain Rain Water and allow recharge to the Ground Water table. A total length of 140 Kms bund has been provided for meeting the purpose during 2016-17. Yet another step in this direction relates to ploughing of 81 hectares of barren Railway land to improve percolation of rain water.

SCR has also crossed a record in terms of commissioning Rain Water harvesting system on its network, with a total of 237 stations covered during 2016-17, which is about 48% higher than the set target of 160 for the Zone. In terms of Railway Buildings on SCR, Roof Top harvesting has been completed on 437 building structures, which is about 36% contribution for the target of Indian Railways itself. SCR is also known for its stringent water audit measures to check and analyze use of water at water supplying installations. 35 stations on the Zone have undergone water audit during the year 2016-17, enabling achieve 100 % target fixed for the purpose.  With the needs of the increasing Passenger rush at Railway stations to be met, various steps have been undertaken to reduce fresh water consumption at A1 & A category stations to the extent of 6% during the year. The installation of 2122 Bio-Toilets to coaches on SCR during 2016-17, has taken the overall total to 5356 Bio-Toilets in coaches till date. This eco friendly measure, also contributes to reduce the use and wastage of water in train compartments.

Shri Vinod Kumar Yadav, GM,SCR inagurating Solar AC-DC Plant on Hyderabad Division

A key area, where several measures were implemented to cut down on energy consumption pertains to the Electric Locomotives hauling the trains on SCR’s network. The Zone was able to reduce energy consumption of Electric Locomotives by around 12% during 2016-17, as compared to the previous year. This has enabled reduce the expenditure on energy by Rs. 26.2 Crore. On the non-traction front, which relates to energy use on Railways for other than running of locomotives, the energy consumption was reduced by around 3.8% involving a saving of Rs. 3 Crore during the year. In this area, a very important step was the changeover to 100% LED lighting at 257 stations during the year, which accrued a saving of Rs. 1 Crore per annum.

A big honor which came the way for South Central Railway during 2016-17 is the record ever 09 National Energy Conservation Awards from the Bureau of Energy Efficiency, Union Ministry of Power. These awards include, the “First Prize” in Zonal Railways sector to South Central Railway and “First Prize” in Office Buildings (more than 10 Lakh kWh/year consumption) sector to Passenger Reservation System (PRS) office/Secunderabad. This has been followed with the Century old Carriage Workshop Lallaguda, getting the GreenCo Silver Rating from the Confederation of Indian Industries, the first of its kind on Indian Railways. Shri Vinod Kumar Yadav, General Manager, SCR gave due credit to the Mechanical Department for enabling attain this Green rating and exhorted the department to make all efforts for attaining the Gold Rating for the Workshop at the earliest.

One area of attention on SCR is the tapping of Solar Power for meeting the energy needs of the Railway Offices, Stations, Railway Crossings etc., The Zone is fast implementing a plan to considerably enhance use of Solar Power on its network. 1071 kWp capacity of Solar panels on Stations/Service buildings/ Pumps/ LC Gates/Street lights were installed during 2016-17, totaling to 2115 kWp capacity over SCR. Solar water heaters of 20200 Liters per day capacity have been installed on service buildings during 2016, enhancing the cumulative strength on SCR to 20 Lakh Liters Per Day. The latest addition to this initiative is the commissioning of 225 kWp On-Grid Solar Plant at Hyderabad station recently at the hands of Shri Suresh Prabhakar Prabhu, Hon’ble Minister for Railways which is expected to save around Rs. 25.6 Lakh per annum besides the station environmental friendly.

SCR is also noted for the innovative use of Natural Day Light to illuminate its service buildings. This is being done by installation of Natural Day Light Pipes which work on the simple principle of directing the Natural Sun Light from the Roof Tops to the covered area of the building premises through pipes. 79 Natural Day Light Pipes have been added during the year 2016-17, taking the total installed strength of the pipes on SCR to 268.

Secunderabad station is identified by Board to set up waste to energy plant. The approximate generation of waste from Secunderabad and Hyderabad stations works out to 10 Million Tonnes per day. 1000 Square meters of vacant land has been identified near Alugaddabavi at Secunderabad for setting up the plant.