SECR conducts its first ever workshop for Railway Controllers

NAGPUR: The South East Central Railway (SECR) conducted its first ever workshop for railway controllers under the division on Friday. It was aimed at augmenting their skills to increase efficiency in passenger and freight services of the Indian Railways. The programme was held at conference hall at SECR DRM’s office.

The workshop was conducted under the chairmanship of senior divisional operations manager (SrDOM) Sachin Sharma. Considering the entire burden of managing railway traffic is borne by the controllers, it was crucial to hold such a programme, Sharma said.

“In the present scenario the controllers lack skills to efficiently manage railway traffic because they are not well-versed with the new systems,” said Sharma.

There are three ranks of controllers in each station — section controller, deputy chief controller, and chief controller (in ascending order), he further said. Their job is to manage railway traffic between stations by continuously communicating with controllers at other stations as well as locomotive pilots.

Sharma said, “The job of railway controllers is very difficult and stressful and as a result their health becomes a concern not only for the railways but also for the staff and their families. Many staffers are suffering from diabetes and cardiac conditions.”

With the introduction of new technology in managing railway traffic, Sharma was confident that stress levels of railway employees will go down. The DOM also informed that the freight carriage of the railways is now at 1.2 billion tonnes per annum. The figure is a 7% increase over last year, he said.

Chief controller at SECR Manoj Chandrakar attended the workshop and admitted that there is much to learn about work of the station manager and their own instruments. “The workshop will definitely benefit our work we will be more efficient than before,” he said.

All control engineers who were present for the workshop appreciated Sharma’s effort to be able to organize the programme out of a busy schedule.