SECR to solve Mahdibagh RuB water logging problem by December

NAGPUR: The South East Central Railway (SECR) has assured Mahdibagh residents that they would complete the work for the pump and sump arrangement at Mahdibagh railway under bridge (RuB) by December this year.

In the process of eliminating manned level crossings, a RuB was built near the Mahdibagh railway crossing. But the RuB constantly got flooded during monsoons, making it troublesome for motorists to use it. This problem arose because the gradient of the pipeline taking the water from the RuB towards a nearby nullah is not right, and the water does not flow into it easily.

In order to solve this problem, SECR had offered to make a pump and sump arrangement in which the water accumulated in the RuB will be pumped into a sump made nearby from where it will be flown through pipes to a nullah.

The arrangement was supposed to be ready by monsoons this year, but the residents alleged that the work did not begin until May. And just before monsoons, the pit which was being dug for the sump was filled up, infuriating the local residents’ body, Khairipura Action Committee. The railways said that they had to stop the work because of the rains and attributed the delay in the start of the work to the various procedures like tendering etc to be followed and the LBT strike. The railways also assured them of restarting the work after monsoons.

Now, the committee met the divisional railway manager (DRM) of SECR SL Verma again for the work. After the meeting, Verma assured them that the work will be complete by December 2013. “NMC made that RuB and even though it is necessarily not our responsibility we have offered to make the pump and sump arrangement for it. If the committee wants, we will give them a written assurance too,” Verma said.