Security helpline for train passengers from Nirbhaya Fund

New Delhi:  With the aim of helping passengers, particularly women, in case of distress in trains, railways will set up a security helpline as part of the Nirbahaya Fund.

A pilot scheme for setting up an SOS alert system, the round-the-clock security helpline in trains in Western and Central zones is being initiated, said a senior Railway Ministry official.

Rolling out the scheme on an all-India basis would cost about Rs.25.17 crore and it will be utilised from the Nirbhaya Fund, he added.

Finance Minister P Chidambaram had announced in the 2013-14 Budget that the government will set up a fund called the Nirbhaya Fund and contribute Rs.1000 crore to it.

The works had been awarded in October to the Centre for Railway Information (CRIS) with a completion period of 13 months for conducting pilot projects at Central Railway and Western Railway, he said.