Security tightened at Allahabad Jn Station on the eve of Makar Sankranthi

Allahabad Jn (ALD): Arrival of pilgrims at the Allahabad railway junction was minimal in the morning hours of Makar Sakranti on Tuesday. However, by evening the situation had turned drastically. Security was tightened at the Allahabad railway junction as GRP and RPF personnel were deployed at different points of the junction.

The regular passengers arriving on the Civil Lines side of the Allahabad junction had to face problems as entry was restricted. Entry of passengers was allowed only from the city side of the junction. It was difficult for the passengers, especially women, as they had to carry luggage on their shoulders.

Special trains were also plied to bring pilgrims from different locations to Allahabad. One special train plied from Jhansi to Allahabad. A MEMU train was from Kanpur to Mughalsarai via Allahabad. Later, it returned from Mughalsarai to Kanpur via Allahabad. One train was plied between Jabalpur and Naini. One train was plied from Manikpur to Allahabad while other special train plied between Chunar to Allahabad.

Security officials, comprising of GRP and RPF personnel, were seen manning different points of the Allahabad railway junction. Personnel of RPSF were also been called to help the RPF in providing security to the passengers. Two company of RPSF, comprising more than 50 personnel, was deployed at the stations of Allahabad and Naini. A workforce of about 150 personnel of RPF and RPSF was jointly deployed at the Allahabad junction discharging their duties in two shifts. Each shift was of about 12 hours.

Strict vigil was being maintained on the suspicious activities of bad elements through CCTV (Closed Circuit TV) which has been placed at various points of the Allahabad railway junction.

Meanwhile, North central railway has opened ticket counters in the Sangam area for pilgrims. There are PRS (Passenger Reservation System) and two UTS (Unreserved Ticketing System) counters so that pilgrims can get general and reserved tickets directly from the Sangam area. A railway exhibition would also be opened which would create awareness among the pilgrims.

Pilgrims also arrived at the Sangam coming through the stations of Jhunsi, Prayag, Prayag Ghat, Phulpur, Bharwari, Daraganj. Additional GRP outposts have been set up at these stations for the security of the passengers.

It was heyday for tempo drivers and rickshaw pullers who were also present in large numbers to make extra bucks on the occasion. They also charged exorbitant fares for carrying pilgrims from Allahabad railway junction to Sangam area.