Security woes at Nashik’s only railway station

17958395NASHIK: The security of the Nashik Road Railway Station, the only railway station in Nashik city, which is 9 km away from it, and one of the most important stations on the Mumbai-Bhusawal route, is left in the lurch. There are no security persons stationed at the main entrance of the platform, the booking office or even at the third gate which is behind the reservation office. The fourth entrance that comes from the Bhusawal-end foot-over bridge also remains unguarded.

“There is hardly any security system in place here. There is absolutely no presence of police on any of the three platforms of the railway station. Just the presence of cops would be enough to deter anti-social elements,” said Sharad Rathi, a passenger.

Having spent over two hours at the platform, RailNews correspondence and photographer was not once asked about his identity, despite the fact that photography is banned the railway station. It was only when he clicked the photograph of the unmanned closed circuit TV room at the Railway Police Force (RPF) office was he asked to reveal his identity.

ThumbnailsPolice inspector, RPF, B D Ipper, however, rebutted that the security at the railway station was well-maintained by the staff, except for a few times when the staff may have moved from their place for recreation. “We have already told our personnel not restrict media persons from entering the premises and hence none of us cross-checked the photographer of his identity,” Ipper claimed.  There are several issues with regards to the amenities provided to the passengers as well. There no proper provision of drinking water at the station – either the taps are broken, or there is no water running from them, or they could not be closed at all causing wastage of water. The works at the waiting room have also been left incomplete for lack of availability of construction material, which the railway officials say would be made available soon and the work would be completed in time.

The administration has also not been able to prevent people from crossing railway tracks to move from one platform to another. Crossing the tracks is prohibited, but that doesn’t seem to deter the public. “We have conducted drives in the past to sensitize people about following rules at the railway station but it has helped much,” the railways officials said.

Security loopholes

  • The luggage scanner is seldom put to use due to frequent disruption in power supply
  • Commuters are seen crossing railway tracks from platform number two to one, thereby flouting rules
  • The unmanned staircase at one of the entry points of the railway station
  • The main entrance to the Nashik Road Railway Station and the Bhusawal-end staircase remain unguarded
  • The CCTV room at the railway station was unmonitored, although the authorities concerned claimed otherwise
  • The waiting room is yet to be constructed since the demolition of earlier rooms
  • Taps at the water tank of the station are either broken or cannot be closed, causing wastage of water
  • The road at the entrance of the railway station which was dug up by the local contractor for laying of lines underground remains unfilled, posing a threat to people