Selja blames Haryana Govt for delaying railway projects

Union Minister and Ambala MP, Selja on Wednesday fired a fresh salvo against Haryana Government holding it responsible for the delay in laying railway line project between Chandigarh and Jagadhari via Naraingarh and Sadhoura, which was announced by then Railway Minister Mamta Banerjee in 2009.

Speaking at a function here, Selja said she has talked to the present Railway Minister Pawan kumar Bansal who has assured laying railway line is his top priority, provided Haryana was ready to fulfill the conditions by providing land and 50 per cent towards the cost of construction as accepted by the State Government in case of laying railway line between Rohtak and Meham sometime ago.

The Union Minister said that the project has already been delayed by four years. And, as a result of that residents of Naraina, Barwala, Sadhoura, Jagadhari and Bilaspur areas are deprived of railway services. She further said the project is lingering on in files since years.

Selja said that the State Government has agreed to provide land but is not prepared to share the construction cost.

Earlier, Selja also visited two villages of Naraingarh to know the problems and sort them out.