Senior Railway officers being saved even in Lucknow

Lucknow: Social activist from Lucknow, Amitabh Thakur has today presented a complaint before the Prime Minister and the Railway Minister as regards the alleged improper behaviour and not taking cognizance of his complaint by senior Railway officers in Lucknow against a subordinate railway officer.

As per Thakur, some three years ago, on 01 June 2010, he got misbehaved by an officer at Gomti Nagar railway station. He made his complaint to A K Singh, then DRM of the North Eastern Railway, Lucknow through phone and then in person. As per DRM’s directions, he handed over the complaint to Indu Dube, Senior DCM, NER.

When no enquiry took, he made repeated complaints to the Chairman, Railway Board, Railway Ministry and the Prime Minister.
The matter got handed over to the GM Office, NER, Gorakhpur who asked Thakur for all relevant information, evidences etc which was provided but nothing happened afterwards.

Now from the RTI reply from Railway Board and GM, NER, Gorakhpur, it has emerged that the enquiry officer exonerated the alleged senior officers without taking statements of Thakur and his witnesses, saying that there is no record in the division to prove it.

The report thus concludes unilaterally that “Sri Thakur may have met DRM and handed over the said complaint dated 02/06/2010 to Sr DCM/LJN and other officials, but in the absence of any evidence, the second allegation is not substantiated.”

Thakur has raised some 20 points in his letter to the Prime Minister to show how the Railway officers are being saved without undertaking the due enquiry process and has asked for independent and time bound enquiry at a much senior level.