Senior Section Engineer on Central Railway trapped by CBI

Nagpur (NGP): Senior section engineer of Central Railway Ravindra Gulhane and trolleyman Ashok Sur were arrested on March 8 by Central Bureau of Investigation’s anti-corruption wing for allegedly accepting bribe of Rs.13,000 at Walni.

It’s learnt that complainant Rashtrapal Tagde was being harassed by senior engineer Gulhane for monetary favours to release the monthly log books from November last year onwards. Tagde approached the CBI, who laid a trap for Sur and nabbed him while accepting the amount.

The CBI team later took Sur to Gulhane’s official quarters, where the senior official accepted Rs.11,500 from Sur as per their plan. Gulhane was immediately taken into custody from his official residence.

CBI later procured four days custody of Gulhane and Sur after producing them before a court at Kelapur in Walni.