SER cargo traffic grows in 2012-13

Kolkata – A jump in movement of iron ore for domestic consumers boosted the total originating cargo traffic of South Eastern Railway (SER), a major iron ore loading zonal railway, in 2012-13 over 2011-12.

In 2012-13, SER handled a total of 124.33 million tonnes (mt) compared with 117.01 mt in 2011-12, thus posting 6.26 % growth. The aim for 2012-13 was set at 118.35 mt.

Throughout the similar period, the iron ore throughput jumped to 67.26 mt from 62.15 mt , of which the share of domestic consumers was 63.78 mt (53.87 mt) and of exports 3.48 mt (8.28 mt). In other words, the domestic movement of iron ore jumped 9.91 mt while movement for exports dropped 4.80 mt.

According to SER sources, the other items whose loading also enhanced throughout the period were: coal 26.43 mt (25.76 mt), finished steel 13.43 mt (12.43 mt), cement 8.53 mt (7.86 mt) and raw materials for steel plants (mainly limestone and dolomite) 2.2 mt (1.34 mt).