SER loaded 134.29 mt of Freight during 2015-16, up 8.25% from 2014-15

Kolkata: South Eastern Railway (SER) has achieved a 8.25 growth in freight loading during the financial year 2015-16.

BNR House SER HQ Garden Reach KOL
It would not be an exaggeration to say that BNR House in Garden Reach is the most prettiest of all the vintage buildings on the banks of River Hoogly in Kolkata. It houses the HQrs set up of South Eastern Railway

SER has loaded 134.29 million tonnes (mt) of freight, which was 10.24 mt more than last fiscal year (2014-15), registering a growth of 8.25 pc.

With this excellent performance in freight sector, South Eastern Railway has surpassed the previous highest loading of 134.28 mt, achieved in 2013-14, an official statement today said.

The major components of freight were 73.83 mt of Iron Ore, 25.30 mt of Coal, 14.83 mt of Pig Iron and finished steel, 9.38 mt of Cement.

As a result of this record breaking freight loading, South Eastern Railway generated freight earnings of Rs 10374.45 crore in 2015-16 which was Rs 817.55 crores more than the previous financial year (2014-15) and registered a growth of 8.55 pc. South Eastern Railway has carried 256.84 million originating passengers in 2015-16, as against 255.65 million passengers carried in 2014-15 which was an increase of 1.19 million passengers.

South Eastern Railway’s earnings from passenger traffic in 2015-16 has been Rs 1837.11 crores as against Rs 1678.33 crores earned from passenger traffic in 2014-15, registering a growth of 9.46 per cent.


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