SER’s Adityapur-Kharagpur 3rd Railway line to speed up trains, freight

KOLKATA: Punctuality of passenger trains running in Chakradharpur division of South Eastern Railway is all set to improve in the coming days, thanks to the new third-line project and the latest initiative to introduce convoy system for freight trains.

Following the removal of encroachments by the railways and the state government at Krishnanagar near Tatanagar station in November, decks have been cleared for the ambitious railway project, a major portion of which is expected to be completed by 2019. Work has already gained pace after the removal of the squatters.

The 132km third-line project was sanctioned in 2015-16 at an estimated cost of Rs 1,312 crore. Out of the total stretch, 77km falls in Jharkhand and the rest 55km in Bengal. The project includes construction of 18 major and 157 minor bridges connecting as many as 16 stations.

Spokesperson of Chakradharpur railway division Bhaskar said, “The third-line project will not only enhance the line capacity for ensuring faster movement of passenger and freight trains, but will also help in improving punctuality of trains on the Howrah-Mumbai main line.”

He said the project would also help in economic development of the region.

Apart from the 50-odd pairs of mail/express trains, the Adityapur-Kharagpur section through which the third line will pass also sees the movement of numerous goods trains carrying raw materials and finished products for several entities, including Tata Steel and its subsidiary units.

On the convoy system of running freight trains, Bhaskar said it would be done as and when required.

“It is felt that there is a huge potential for increasing freight movement by introduction of freight convoy system wherein a time will be allotted for running only goods train in that particular section. It will be done when the traffic of passenger train is less. This would also help in improving the revenue earning of the division,” he said.