SER’s massive initiatives on Passenger Ticketing System

KOLKATA: Though freight and passenger remain SER’s main fronts, its spotlight is also provision of massive amenities for the travelling passengers. As many as 147 Computerised Passenger Reservation Systems (PRS) are spreading over Kolkata, important stations, locations of four divisions i.e. Kharagpur, Adra, Chakradharpur and Ranchi. Passengers who plan their journeys well in advance, they can book their tickets from anywhere to anywhere in India from these Computerised Passenger Reservation Systems.

Huge number of passengers avail SER trains regularly and they purchase their tickets during short journeys through Unreserved Ticketing System (UTS). There are presently 250 Unreserved Ticketing Systems (UTS) in all suburban sections and other stations spreading over SER’s jurisdiction.

This apart, 79 Station Ticket Booking Agent (STBA), 8 Janasadharan Ticket Booking Sewak (JTBS), 10 Coin Operated Automatic Ticket Vending Machine (CO-ATVM) and 8 Yatri Ticket Booking Sewak (YTSK) are the facilities of ticket purchases and travel by train with dignity.

As the technological and digital facilities are being extended in railways, Mobile Ticketing Aapplications have been introduced in Howrah-Kharagpur, Howrah-Amta, Panskura-Haldia, Kharagpur-Midnapur and Santragachi-Shalimar section and around 2,000 daily commuters are using this app for valid train travel and witnessing increasing trend. S E Railway also has installed 472 POS (Swipe Machine) all over its jurisdiction towards cashless transaction for purchase of railway ticket.