SER’s Mechanised Laundry at Santragachi opened by GM

Santragachi (SRC): As a part of great initiative for better passenger amenity, Radhey Shyam, general manager, South Eastern Railway (SER) inaugurated the mechanised laundry at Santragachi today.

SER has taken steps to set up this improved linen management to bring about a significantly improved quality of washing through modern mechanised automated laundries. The mechanised laundry at Santragachi will be used to undertake washing of bed roll and linen used in various long distance mail/express trains originating and terminating at Howrah, Santragachi and Shalimar by means of state of the art machinery.  With introduction of mechanised laundry, the quality of washing of bed rolls will improve significantly which will help in providing the passengers hygienic as well as cleaner bedrolls and linen on trains.

The Santragachi mechanised laundry is having present capacity of  2000 bed rolls per day, with a sanctioned cost of  Rs.1,98,37,925. This plant will be recapacitated with 6000 bed rolls per day in coming days. In addition to Santragachi, SER has already commissioned mechanised laundries at Tatanagar, Chakradharpur and Hatia stations and commissioning of the same at Ranchi is in the pipeline.