Services on Phase-I elevated West Line on Reach-2 Namma Metro by July-end

Bangalore (SBC): With minor work yet to be completed on the elevated West line of Namma Metro between Mysore Road and Magadi Road, services in this sector are likely to be launched only by July-end.

Meanwhile, the State Election Commission has allayed fears of the electoral code of conduct coming in the way of launch of services on this route.

The elevated West line is part of Reach-2 of Phase-I of the Metro and the stations covered are Magadi Road, Hosahalli, Vijayanagara, Attiguppe, Deepanjali Nagar and Mysore Road. The stretch had its first successful trial run on March 27 and trial runs have subsequently been completed.

A confident Metro Managing Director, Pradeep Singh Kharola had stated at that time that the commercial launch of services on this sector will take place by June-end.

Kharola said that some cladding work, fine-tuning of certain aspects and final touches were still going on along this stretch. Cladding refers to the laying of tiles and granite on the platforms, concourse area and walls of Metro stations.

“Completion of all the work will take between 10 and 15 days. We will have to submit documents for clearance to the Commissioner for Rail Safety and await inspection and clearance after that,” he said.

Chief Public Relations Officer and General Manager (Finance) U A Vasant Rao was more specific. He said that it would take a month for the service to be fully ready for launch. When asked if the model code of conduct in force from June 25 to July 30, would affect any proposed launch, Rao said, “The time the Metro would take to get ready for launch would be around the same as when the deadline for the model code of conduct expires.”

State Election Commissioner P N Srinivascharya told that it was up to the Metro officials to decide if they would like to wait till the electoral code of conduct gets completed or to launch it earlier.

“Since it had been decided upon earlier and announced too, it can get clearance for the service to be launched if required.” It can be granted an exemption, he added. “Metro is free to start its proposed service. However, if a function is organised before the code of conduct deadline expires, it has to done without any VIPs,” he said.

The code of conduct would only affect the announcement of new projects or schemes during the period. “The idea behind the code of conduct is not to cause any inconvenience to the public,” he added.  As usual, the typical Bangalorean Kharola chose to remain tightlipped on Metro’s plans.