Shifting WR Headquarters to Ahmedabad not feasible: MOSR

New Delhi: The Ministry of Railways has once again clearly told that shifting of the Western Railway headquarters from Mumbai to Ahmedabad is not feasible. In reply to series of questions asked by Gujarat MPs that whether it is a fact that Gujarat contributes a major share in passenger and goods traffic to Western Railways and hence demand for shifting of Western Railway Headquarters to Ahmedabad from Mumbai is justifiable more so when Gujarat is not having any Zonal Railway Hqrs; and the details thereof, and the action taken thereon so far, the Minister of State for Railways Mr.Manoj Sinha stated: Representations have been received regarding locating a Zonal Railway Headquarter in Gujarat. The location of the headquarters of a Railway depends on operational & administrative requirements, consistent with the needs of economy & efficiency and not on regional considerations. The Western Railway headquarter at Mumbai is working satisfactorily and no change is considered necessary. The proposal to shift the Western Railways headquarters from Mumbai to Ahmedabad was examined in the light of the above and has not been considered feasible.


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