Shooting Incident brings focus back on Safety and Security at Mumbai Railway Stations

Mumbai: The shooting incident on Friday night has raised many questions about security at railway stations, foremost of which is how an armed person managed to enter the station and then board a train.

When asked about the security measures at railway stations, Shivaji Dhumal, senior inspector of Kurla railway police commented, “It is impossible to check each and every passenger. There are no metal detectors at Vikhroli railway station, like at other stations. There are handheld metal detectors which are used by railway policemen, but that is not possible 24/7.”

Logically, there is some basis to Dhumal’s explanation as given the magnitude of people who travel by the local every day, it is nearly impossible to check every commuter. However, most metal detectors at city stations are non-functional.

After the 26/11 CST attacks, the lack of security and implementation of measures has only only made stations more vulnerable to terrorists and anti-socials elements. Not to mention, threatened the life of the lakhs of people who use the city’s ‘lifeline’ every day.