Siemens Rail wins Rs.287 Crore Order from Nagpur Metro

Siemens to deploy state-of-the-art signalling systems for Nagpur Metro. With Trainguard, Siemens has created a modular system for conventional train control that can be deployed universally. The most important safety-relevant and operational functions relate to optimized headway times, punctuality and reliable track-to-train transmission.
Tilak Raj Seth, EVP, Siemens India Ltd and CEO, Mobility Division

NAGPUR: Siemens Limited and Siemens Rail Automation Ltd. S.A.U Spain have jointly won an order worth Rs. 287 crore to supply state-of-the-art signaling technology for the first two metro lines of the Nagpur Metro, the North-South and the East-West Corridors.

The German technology company has bagged the order jointly with Spain’s Siemens Rail Automation. “Siemens Ltd and Siemens Rail Automation SAU Spain have jointly won an order worth Rs 287 crore. Of this, Siemens Ltd’s share is Rs 146 crore,” it said in a statement here.

The project comprises the deployment and installation of the communications-based train control (CBTC) solution Trainguard MT for 38.2 km of double track with 36 stations and two depots, as well as onboard equipment for 23 trains. The East-West corridor will have 19 stations and the North-South 17 and will link the Airport with the Automotive Square, at the north of the city.

“We are delighted to have won the Nagpur Metro Rail signalling contract. The metro is a prestigious infrastructure project and we will deliver technology that employs CBTC to maximise the network capacity while minimising operational costs,” Tilak Raj Seth, Executive Vice-President, Siemens India Ltd and CEO, Mobility Division said.

Trainguard MT – Automatic Communications-based Train Control (CBTC)

The modular train control system Trainguard MT provides the signaling basis for attractive, reliable, and efficient mass-transit systems. The radio-based system allows a choice between fixed or moving block operation and achieves headways of 90 seconds. Trainguard MT includes functions for monitoring, implementation, and control of the entire operating sequence. It can be implemented in different degrees of automation, e.g., semiautomatic operation, operation under driver control, and driverless operation.

Trainguard MT is based on reliable Simis computers and tried-and-tested automatic train control solutions such as Trainguard LZB 700 M and Meteor, which demonstrate Siemens’ expertise in the field of radio-based train control. Thanks to standardized interfaces, Trainguard MT is compatible with various different operation control systems, interlocking designs, and track-vacancy detection systems.