Siemens secure first Order for its new Smartron platform of Locomotives from German Freight operator EGP

GERMAN open-access operator Potsdam Railway Company (EGP) is set to become the debut customer for Siemens’ new Smartron electric locomotive after signing a contract on June 21 to lease three units for delivery next year.

Eisenbahngesellschaft Potsdam (EGP) is the company to submit the opening order for the locomotives – which were launched in March with the slogan “one standard version, one standard contract, one standard price”.

Based on Siemens’ successful Vectron platform, Smartron is offered in just one 140km/h 15kV ac variant with a maximum output of 5.6MW and PZB/LZB train protection. This enables Siemens to simplify procurement with a standardised purchase contract and short lead times.

EGP already operates two Vectron locomotives, the second of which was delivered earlier this month. The present contract is for three locomotives, to be delivered in early 2019.

EGP CEO Mathias Tenisson said: “In test runs, the locomotive’s technical parameters have proven convincing. It also scored points with its intuitive operation, uncomplicated ordering process and manageable delivery times.”

Siemens Mobility Sabrina Soussan said: “We premiered the Smartron in March. The fact that we’ve just received the first order from EGP shows that we have a compelling concept: The new Smartron offers our customers a powerful and reliable locomotive that is configured for defined operations, making it possible to set a simple purchase process. One standard version, one standard contract, one price – that’s the idea behind the Smartron.”

The Smarton, which is based on the Vectron platform, will be showcased at InnoTrans 2018.