Siemens to foray into Smart Rail Business for Efficient & Integrated Transportation

Efficient and integrated transportation of people and goods by rail and road – all products, solutions and services regarding mobility are handled by the Siemens Mobility Division

The demand for mobility is growing all over the world. Transporting people and goods to all corners of the earth presents challenges for the infrastructure of national economies. This applies, in particular, to the transport and logistics facilities of cities: Will cities be able to solve the problems caused by increasing road traffic? Can public transportation help them avoid total gridlock? How can railway operators increase the efficiency and safety of their systems? How can rail and road traffic be integrated? How can logistics supply chains be further optimised as freight volumes continue to increase steadily?

Siemens CEO Jochen Eickholt
Jochen Eickholt, CEO/Siemens

Dr Jochen Eickholt, Chief Executive Officer of the Mobility Division in Siemens corroborates his view who mentioned that “as a single-source supplier and system integrator, Siemens combines all the expertise necessary for sustainable solutions in all areas of rail transportation. We take a balanced, comprehensive approach to rail-based mobility – from trams, light rail and metro services to commuter rail lines all the way to regional services.

Reliability, safety, attractiveness and efficiency are our top priorities – a benefit to the operators and the environment”.

The Mobility Division provides answers to all of these questions with its comprehensive portfolio; because modern, interconnected and IT-based mobility is the core competency of its five business units: Mobility Management, Turnkey Projects & Electrification, Mainline Transport, Urban Transport and Customer Services.

They have the know-how to make road traffic flow more smoothly and quickly, make trains more environmentally friendly and efficient, make train schedules and freight shipments more reliable. Siemens work with its  customers to develop optimal solutions to help overcome their challenges. The portfolio of the Mobility Division includes:

  • the full range of vehicles for rail traffic: Regional, as well as intercity and high speed trains, metro cars, streetcars and light rail, passenger coaches, driverless vehicles and locomotives
  • Signal and control technology for rail-based passenger and freight traffic
  • Electrification solutions for rail and road traffic
  • Maintenance and service of vehicles and infrastructure
  • Road traffic control and information systems, parking space management as well as electronic payment and toll systems for urban and interurban traffic
  • Consulting, planning, financing, construction and operation of turnkey mobility systems
  • Integrated mobility solutions for intermodal networking of different traffic systems.

Siemens Rail Automation solutions in Urban and Interurban Mobility

Today more than ever, speed, reliability, and convenience are the decisive factors for ensuring the desirability of modern mass-transit railways – and therefore for their commercial success. The key to meeting these criteria is optimum line utilization through railway automation. Did you know that Siemens Mobility can commission the equipment “in service”? Train services continue to operate reliably, to passengers’ satisfaction, and system remains highly cost-effective.

Level Crossing Protection Systems

Safety at level crossings is vital. The level-crossing protection systems installed by Siemens are always state-of-the-art, and function safely and reliably. The Siemens systems in service throughout the world demonstrate Siemens expertise in the area of level-crossing technology.

Electronic Interlockings

Electronic interlockings ensure that railways operate safely. They monitor and control train movements on the lines according to the operational requirements of the railway. Completely preassembled and tested interlockings, designed as modular containers, play a key role in cutting time and costs for installation and commissioning, and thereby help reduce investment costs.

Automated Train Control Systems

Automatic train control systems continuously monitor all train movements and provide fail-safe signaling. In train operation with a driver, the train control system assists the driver with safety-relevant and operational functions. In driverless train operation, the train control system replaces the driver with maximum efficiency.

Operations Control Systems

With operations control systems, the operation of railways is centrally monitored and controlled. Ergonomic user interfaces and integrated automation functions allow optimum dispatching along with efficient operations management on lines and at stations.

Signalling Components

Signaling systems and railway automation components are crucial for the availability of the entire railway system. Siemens offers proven quality and innovative, environmentally friendly solutions for maximum availability and efficient railway operation.

Siemens Railways Electrification

Full Service from Single Source

Siemens is consistent, full-service partner for all areas of rail electrification, providing a client with a custom-designed system, cost-efficient local production and the associated on-site installation, along with comprehensive project documentation.

AC Traction Power Supply

Assembling a well-coordinated and highly functional system from many individual components: Thanks to Siemens comprehensive Sitras product family, we provide an optimal solution for every task related to AC traction power supply.

Contact Lines for Railways

Needs-oriented solutions that also work together with a variety of universally applicable standard components: This decisive advantage of the Sicat family in conjunction with secure, corrosion-resistant and low-maintenance components ensures maximum efficiency for the contact lines for both mass transit and main-line traffic.

Consulting and Planning

Compounding Siemens expertise to take client further: Thanks to the comprehensive systems know-how derived from all Siemens divisions, Siemens can put client’s ideas and plans into practice with validated reliability.

DC Traction Power Supply

Energy-efficient and highly stable systems for DC traction power supply come with worldwide service, continuously optimized technical performance and decades of experience in the construction and commissioning of individual systems.

Network Control for Rail Electrification

This enables railway personnel to quickly restore functionality of substations in the event of malfunctions: Test Siemens high-availability, proven and advanced operational IT that features automation, field equipment, hot standby and intelligent multi-monitoring solutions.

Siemens Commuter and Regional Trains

Today’s regional services must meet a wide range of different demands – depending on the region, the operator, and available connections to other forms of transport. This challenge can be optimally met with intelligent, flexible train concepts, along with vehicles from the Desiro platform or the Viaggio train coach system.

Siemens High-speed and Intercity trains

Siemens train platforms are eco-friendly, easy to maintain and modular – in both high-speed and inter-city services. They provide optimal transit links between the various metropolitan areas of a conurbation, along with convenient, future-ready connections that meet growing operator requirements in terms of their cost-effectiveness and quality. Highly developed, future-ready connections are required to enable the fast, reliable, cross-border linkage of urban population centers. These connections must meet the ever-higher standards for punctuality, comfort, service, and flexibility imposed by passenger demands – as well as the increasing requirements of operators for cost efficiency and quality. Siemens high quality standards are based on Siemens’ use of first-rate materials; the appeal of Siemens designs is their reliable and well-established technology. Intelligent, integrated solutions and virtual design capabilities are the foundations of Siemens complete systems. These are some of the principles we apply in building train platforms that impress rail operators, investors, and passengers worldwide – eco-friendliness, low maintenance requirements, and modularity – in high-speed and intercity traffic.

Siemens Locomotives

Siemens has a portfolio of future-ready locomotives that allow Siemens customers to operate economically – while at the same time reducing environmental impacts and conserving resources. This includes platform locomotives such as the Eurosprinter, the Eurorunner, and the Asiarunner. Siemens can also provide individual solutions that can be precisely customized to customer-specific requirement profiles, based on Siemens tried and tested concepts and components. With Siemens global presence and many years of experience, Siemens can also build locomotives in cooperation with local vehicle manufacturers.

Siemens Trams and Light Rail

For over 125 years, Siemens has been building electric trams. Thanks to these many years of experience, we have acquired superior knowledge that makes us a reliable partner for communities and cities. Siemens product portfolio for urban mobility includes trams and light rail vehicles.

Siemens has been building electric trams for over 125 years. With Siemens comprehensive expertise, we have repeatedly made crucial advances in this technology. Thanks to Siemens many years’ experience and the knowledge lead we have acquired in recent years, Siemens is a strong partner that a client can rely on in every situation. For intra-urban traffic, Siemens product portfolio includes trams and light-rail transit systems.

Siemens Passenger Coaches

Siemens has been active in the passenger´coach industry since 1852 and is one of the world’s leading technology companies. The Viaggio family provides innovative and sustainable solutions for individual mobility within and between cities. Comfort, flexibility and speed are key features of Siemens modern passenger trains.  A comfortable ride is good – but a comfortable and economical ride is better. This maxim is confirmed by Siemens passenger train coaches, with sustainable low energy and maintenance costs, simple installation and maintenance, and high degree of adaptability to prevailing traffic volumes. Viaggio’s standardized concept means that Siemens customers’ every requirement can be successfully fulfilled. This passenger train offers the flexibility needed for economical operation in modern urban and interurban transit traffic, with a range of products that includes everything from individual coaches to system solutions complete with locomotives.

Siemens Complete Rail Solutions

A company doesn’t develop a comprehensive mobility expertise overnight. Siemens expertise and international presence have been growing constantly for 160 years. With Siemens complete rail solutions, Siemens implements exemplary complete rail systems.

The operator of a rail system has diverse interests: on-schedule completion, reliable operation, low-emission technology, low life-cycle costs, passenger safety, adaptability to the city’s dynamic growth. None of these tasks may be solved at the expense of another; all require the same level of attention. Complete rail solutions stand for a holistic approach from the very beginning. Only an integrated overall solution with concentrated project responsibility will prove itself in practice in the long term. From the first feasibility study and operational hand-over through to after-sales service, project management is continuously involved.

The experience advantage

Siemens provides complete support before, during and after commissioning of the transportation systems which are to be developed. A leading edge in experience with more than 40 turnkey projects worldwide is the best conceivable qualification to this effect. The rail operator receives all-important services from a single source, including financing concepts, project management, system integration, delivery of technical systems, commissioning, and training, in addition to maintenance. This integrated concept offers many distinct advantages for the operator:

  • Complete rail solutions cut costs
  • Complete rail solutions reduce the investment risk
  • Complete rail solutions enhance operational reliability

Siemens Components and Systems

When it comes to traction systems, bogies and onboard power supplies, Siemens offers a complete range of electrical and mechanical components – as well as system solutions for modern urban transportation vehicles. We also have many years of experience with urban transportation systems worldwide – also with the associated traction and bogie.

Siemens is a single source of supply for a complete range of electrical and mechanical components and system solutions for propulsion systems, bogies, and on-board power supply for modern main line railway vehicles. Siemens has many years of experience worldwide with main line railway systems, rail vehicles and the corresponding propulsion and bogie technology. Siemens components are also installed in complete Siemens vehicles, and thus offer a high degree of product perfection combined with economies of scale.

Siemens centers of competence for propulsion technology in Germany and bogie technology in Austria can also use the manufacturing expertise of all Siemens production locations for drive products and bogies worldwide. State-of-the-art production methods and perfectly coordinated logistics results in high quality and short delivery times.

Propulsion and on-board power supply systems

As a single source of supply for efficient, environment-friendly components and system solutions, Siemens designing with the future in mind and shaping the evolution of drive technology in rail transportation. Since Siemens invention of electric traction, Siemens’ customers continue to profit from over 130 years of experience.


Siemens plant in Graz is the largest development and production facility for railway bogies in the world. Up to 3,000 bogies for mass transit and main line rail traffic vehicles are built here annually for service all over the world. Siemens´ modular design concepts ensure economical operation.

Siemens Metros

Whether in vehicle length, passenger capacity or adaptation to specific climatic conditions – Siemens standardized metros give client plenty of leeway. To meet a particular demand, Siemens can combine its service-proven metro components with very specific modules to create a strong transit concept that’s right for client. Fast and safe public transportation services determine the quality of life and the competitiveness of cities and regions around the world. Sustainable and optimally channeled mobility will play a key role in the 21st century – and our challenge is to simultaneously improve traffic flow and to reduce overall carbon dioxide emissions in large urban areas. Siemens standardized metros offer maximum flexibility in choice of vehicle length, air-conditioning system, or passenger capacity. To meet a particular demand, Siemens can combine its service-proven metro components with very specialized modules to create a strong transit concept that’s right for a client.

Siemens Service

An efficient railway operation requires effective service concepts. Siemens at home everywhere in the world can offer repair solutions matched perfectly with the present and future requirements of customers. Siemens comprehensive range of services offers flexible solutions for professional maintenance, spare parts supply, refurbishment and accident repair – along with the testing and validation of railway systems, modernization and accident repairs, as well as for testing and validating rail systems – including maintenance services that are perfectly matched to both current and future requirements.

Siemens Test and Validation Center

Nowadays, it is becoming more and more difficult to carry out tests and trial runs on increasingly busy public lines. The accredited and certified Test- and Validation center in Wegberg-Wildenrath is the logical answer to changing conditions in rail traffic.

Railway operators expect innovations that function properly from the day they’re delivered. However, testing is becoming more and more difficult due to the increasing utilization of public rails. The accredited and certified Wegberg-Wildenrath Test and Validation Center is the logical answer to changing conditions in rail traffic.