SIMS Free Emergency Medicare center at Chennai Central Station

SRM Institutes For Medical Science, Vadapalani today announced the setting up of a round-the-clock Free Emergency Medical Centre (EMC) at New Concourse Hall, Chennai Central in collaboration with Southern Railway. The Free Emergency Medical Centre was inaugurated by Dr. Siddhartha Ghosh, CEO SRM Institutes for Medical Science, Vadapalani.

A fully equipped 24/7 ambulance facility permanently stationed at Central Station was also inaugurated by Mr Ravi Kumar Kothuri, Director Operations SRM Institutes for Medical Science.

Speaking on the occasion Dr. Siddhartha Ghosh said, “A bustling railway station like Chennai Central needs a state-of-the-art 24/7 medical emergency center and SRM Institutes for Medical Science is privileged to associate with Southern Railway to address this need.

Chennai Central remains the gateway to South and more specifically to various tourist destinations in Tamil Nadu. Extreme variances in climates are so often witnessed in several parts of the country that emergency medical care is a must.  This need is today being addressed with the inauguration of this Free Emergency Medical Centre at Chennai Central”.

Mr. Ravi Kumar Kothuri, Director – Operations, SRM Institutes for Medical Science, Vadapalani stated that “Chennai Central has 15 platforms to handle about 200 long-distance trains and three platforms exclusively for suburban trains. More than 3.50 lakh passengers frequent the station daily.

Yet, there is no permanent facility to handle a medical  emergency.  Realizing that emergency support systems often make the vital difference in a person’s battle for life, SRM Institutes for Medical Science has come forward to set up the free emergency medical care centre to handle emergency health needs of passengers”. He further added that more such centres would be opened at other railway stations as and when it is required.

Talking about the infrastructure, equipments and manpower, Mr. Ravi Kumar Kothuri further stated that “SRM Institutes for Medical Science, Vadapalani offers the 6-bed day care centre with nursing station providing cardiac, orthopedic and neurological services according to emergency and trauma needs of patients. The EMC is also been provided with a 24/7 ambulance service.

Within the space allotted, the Free Emergency Medical Centre will have a nursing station, treatment, examination, dressing room and exclusivity & privacy for female patients.”

He further added : “All life-saving medicines and routine drugs will be adequately stocked to meet emergency and general requirements.  The SRM Institutes for Medical Science ambulance positioned 24/7 at the Central Station will hold a comprehensive emergency kit, oxygen and paramedic support to handle any eventuality.

High-end infrastructure and equipment such as ECG, defibrillator, resuscitation facilities, nebulizer and essential medicines to stabilize patient prior to moving to hospital for further care will be made available. The centre will be serviced by 2 doctors plus one as a standby, 4 nurses,  and have the back up support from SRM Institutes for Medical Science doctors who are committed to 24/7 service.  We will engage two housekeeping staff for day to day cleaning and maintenance.

The Centre will be a focal point of information to passengers seeking assistance, disseminating up-to-date guidance on infrastructure, facilities and treatment provided in and around the city of Chennai, to help them make learned choices. It will also double up to educate the public on health, seasonal ailments, epidemics and a host of useful tips and guidelines to lead healthy lives.  Qualified personnel will provide this service.”

“Other activities in terms of health camps, disaster management exercises will be conducted at regular intervals.  Close co-ordination with Railway medical authorities for health education activities will be done. SRM Institutes for Medical Science, Vadapalani wish to assure the passengers 24/7 free emergency care facilities all through the year” concluded Mr Kothuri.