Six Village Councils on NFR reiterates their collective decision to prevent construction works for Dimapur-Zubza rail line

DIMAPUR: Six village councils – Dhansiripar, Zutovi, Pimla, Khemnok, Razaphe Basa and Shokhuvi – have reiterated their collective decision to prevent construction works for “Nagaland rail project” (Dimapur-Zubza railway connection).

The councils issued a joint press release on Sunday informing that even as the “complete stoppage of works of the Nagaland rail project” by the six villages in their respective jurisdiction enters the 12th day, the state government has remained silent.

The silence of the authorities, they stated, was ‘becoming a big question’. according to the statement, several attempts by the councils to meet the chief minister as well as the chief secretary have not been successful till date.

“It was either denial or suppression of the demand for review of the discrepancy in the payment of land compensation. Mention may be made that the Railway authority through a written (sic) stated to have paid Rs. 25/-psf and the state govt. release Rs. 3.75 p over and above 25/- which is intriguing.

Despite having already a rate fixed by the cabinet the six villages were paid the lowest rate…therefore the stoppage of ongoing rail project works would be continued indefinitely as resolved which should not be considered as against the rail connectivity process”.