Skywalk to link Khairatabad Metro station, Secretariat

New_HMR_Emblem_1Merry-go-round’ buses planned from Lakdikapul and Khairatabad stations to Secretariat, BRKR Bhavan, GHMC head office and other offices

A skywalk will be built from the Khairatabad metro station over the railway tracks landing near the Prasad’s IMAX for providing elevated metro rail access to the Secretariat, according to Hyderabad Metro Rail Limited (HMR) Managing Director N.V.S.Reddy on Monday.

The overhead Lakdikapul metro station was going to be another one closer to the Secretariat and hence, ‘merry-go-round’ buses would be operated from both Khairatabad and Lakdikapul overhead stations to the Secretariat, BRKR Bhavan, GHMC head office and other government offices located near the Secretariat, he said.

At a meeting convened by Minister for Municipal Administration & Urban Development M. Maheedhar Reddy, he pointed out that the skywalk and bus service would provide comfortable transport facility to employees and visitors to the Secretariat and other government offices in the area.

The MD said that the metro rail construction was proceeding at a brisk pace though the presence of hard rocks, flyovers, high volumes of traffic and shifting of huge water pipelines, sewer lines, electrical cables etc., were posing several challenges in the core area. Both HMR and L&T Metro Rail Hyderabad have been devising site specific engineering solutions to tackle these problems, he said.

Government departments such as GHMC, Water Board, Traffic Police, APTransco, APCPDCL and other utility organisations were also extending cooperation in successfully tackling the challenges cropping up during the current construction phase.

The Minister was also told that the metro rail alignment was not affecting any lake or heritage structure.

With careful engineering solutions, the alignment was being kept about 80 to 300 feet away from the 10 heritage structures located alongside the three rail corridors.