Smoke after brake jam triggers panic on board Delhi-Lucknow Shatabdi

Ghaziabad Jn (GZB): Smoke emanating from the wheels of the Delhi-Lucknow Shatabdi Express due to a brake jam triggered panic among train passengers at the railway station here today.

The incident took place around 7 AM when the Delhi-Lucknow Shatabdi, which was going to Lucknow from Delhi, suddenly came to a halt due to a brake jam at Ghaziabad Railway station.

“When the train was coming towards Ghaziabad railway station, its brake suddenly jammed. As train was at a high speed, a smog emerged in its wheel,” an official of Government Railway Police said.

This triggered panic among passengers. The problem was, however, sorted out within 15 minutes. “The train has left for Lucknow,” the official said.