Sonia Gandhi loses Tax-free Railway Bonds worth Rs.10 Lakh

नयी दिल्ली New Delhi: At the peak of election season you would not expect Sonia Gandhi’s name to appear in a small advertisement buried in the corner of a business newspaper.

But just like an aam aadmi, the Congress party boss’ name figures in an advertisement issued by Indian Railway Finance Corporation (IRFC), the railway PSU involved in its borrowing programme, regarding tax-free bonds of Rs 10 lakh that have been “reported lost”.

Gandhi owns 1000 bonds each with a face value of Rs 1,000 and offering a fixed return. The bonds, which have been misplaced, were part of the 86th A Series Tax Free Bonds, IRFC said.

The bonds, which were issued to raise loans for IRFC, are part of Gandhi’s affidavit that puts assets belonging to her at Rs 2.8 crore. The largest chunk of her assets is in mutual funds (Rs 82 lakh), followed by over Rs 66 lakh in bank deposits and FDs and Rs 42 lakh in her public provident fund (PPF) account. The affidavit mentions that the bonds were issued in February 2013.

The advertisement is part of routine procedure followed for anyone who misplaces a bonds. The rule requires the investor to approach the company which had issued the certificate and submit an indemnity bond. The company then issues an ad notifying others that if they have a claim they should raise it with the company. In this case, IRFC has given 15 days to people to raise any claims “with documentary evidence at the very outset”.

Such public announcements are required to be made by the issuer of bonds or securities in case of the investor reporting their loss.

As per her affidavit, the Congress President has movable assets worth Rs 2.81 crore and immovable assets to the tune of Rs 6.47 crore.

Among the movable assets, Gandhi has Rs 85,000 in cash, Rs 66 lakh in banks, Rs 10 lakh worth bonds and shares worth Rs 1.90 lakh.