Soon, Agra division to include Dholpur Junction of Rajasthan

Agra: The Agra division of North Central Railway is set to expand its area of operation to cover Dholpur junction of Rajasthan. Once approved by the railway board, the division will cover a total of 612.93 km broad gauge route.

The division was carved out from Jhansi division 12 years back to distribute the workload. At present, Agra division provides safe passage to 217 trains.

Under the expansion proposal, stations like Bhandai, Jajau, Mania and Dholpur junction will become a part of Agra division, which means the division will cover an additional 50-km on the broad gauge route.

Speaking to TOI, ADRM Agra, Sheelendra Pratap Singh said, “In a recent meeting between Jhansi and Agra division, a decision was taken to expand the area of operations for Agra. Agra division is the smallest among all the three divisions of NCR (Allahabad, Jhansi and Agra).

He added, “A proposal for this has been sent to railway board. Once approved, the decision will help reduce work load for Jhansi division and aid us in maintaining smooth train services from Palwal (Haryana) to Dholpur (Rajasthan).”

Agra division also covers the stretch between Tundla to Agra fort (four stations in between), Bayana junction to Tundla via Agra fort (18 stations in between) and Bandikui junction to Tundla (26 stations in between).

By July 1, Agra division will starts its operations on the new Bateshwar railway route covering 140 km distance and 11 railway stations. The much awaited 140 Km Agra-Bateshwar-Etawah railway route, which was one of the dream projects of former Prime Minister Atal Bihari Vajpayee, will comprise of 11 stations and has a single broad-gauge track.