Soon, Railway Stations to have Fuel Tanks on platforms

CHANDIGARH: Northern railway is planning to come up with a fuel station in the city for trains which are plying from the railway station here. As per the plan of the railways, a fuel tank will be constructed near the station according to the requirement of trains and fuel distribution centres will be installed on platforms.

At present, there are 14 trains, which includes two Kalka-New Delhi Shatabdi and one Chandigarh-New Delhi Shatabdi, for which fuel is filled for power car at Ambala station.

Besides this, there are other trains which get their fuel filled at Ambala and these are Bandra-Chandigarh, Kouchivalli and inter-state Amritsar.

Sources said a team of six officials visited the Chandigarh railway station and the adjoining area to find out the site where the fuel tank could be constructed. As per the records of the railways, for power car of each train 3,000 litre of fuel is required for a single journey.

Highly placed officials of the railways said that the project which was proposed for Chandigarh is according to the policy, which the railways is implementing for having a power car in all trains.

The purpose to have a fuel station in Chandigarh is to meet the fuel requirements of all trains at the station only, rather than depending on Ambala for the same. Officials said that there would be no decline in the timing after the fuel station will be available at Chandigarh.

But after having fuels station and distribution at Chandigarh all trains will be ready at the city railway station itself. They further said that these projects ware in preliminary stage and after the location of the tank would be finalised. Further decision will be taken on it by the higher authorities.

What is a power car?

Power car is a vehicle equipped with machinery for supplying heat or electrical power to other parts of a train.

At present, in Ambala division there is a fuel tank which caters to Chandigarh trains’ requirement and the distribution system is installed on platforms of the station.