Soon, Railways to educate travellers on conduct

New Delhi: Travelling in train in India is set to become a different experience as the Railway Ministry has decided to educate train passengers on conduct while travelling.

Instructions will be given to them on the do’s and don’ts through pre-recorded announcements during the journey. The decision will be initially carried out on elite trains like the Rajdhani, Shatabdi and Duronto which have public announcement systems installed on board.

The list of instructions which has been finalised for the passengers includes, among others, prohibition of  smoking, committing nuisance under the effect of alcohol and maintaining cleanliness.

The travellers will also be alerted against accepting eatables from strangers and giving tips to service providers. If they insist on tips, the travellers should lodge a complaint with the checking staff members present on board. The instruction on cleanliness will have a touch of the Swachh Bharat Abhiyan and appeal would be made to join the mission by keeping the stations and trains clean.

Suggestions on disposing of water bottles after use by crushing them will also be given. Messing the clean ambience could also invite penalties, the passengers will be told. The travellers will be informed that as per the Railway Act, anybody found littering the railway premises can be slapped with a fine up to Rs 500.