South Central Railway get back Land worth Rs.50 Crore, after 70 years of Legal battle

SECUNDERABAD: The possession of railway land near Bhoiguda in Secunderabad, which was encroached around 70 years ago, has been given to South Central Railway after a prolonged legal battle. The market value of the land is around ₹50 crore.

The encroachment of 4,876 square meter land happened during the period of erstwhile Nizam’s Guaranteed State Railway, while its recovery was done by SCR officials. The railways fought the legal battle for 52 years to get back the property.

According to sources, the previous attempts by railway authorities to regain the land turned futile as the encroachers moved filed petitions in court and stay orders were imposed. “The illegal occupants constructed four tin sheds on the land and prevented others from entering there,” said a senior railway official.

However, the HC dismissed the petitions of the occupants on April 13 and gave the verdict in favour of the railways. But the encroachers appealed against the judgment on the same day and the HC rejected that appeal on June 22. “The government-registered value of the land is ₹25 crore, while its market value is nearly ₹50 crore. Advocate RS Murthy fought the case on behalf of SCR for about 20 years.

On the basis of the judgement, PV Sai Prasad, additional divisional railway manager of Hyderabad division and estate officer ordered their subordinate officials to take the possession of the land,” said a railway spokesperson. The railway officials and RPF personnel evicted the encroachments.