South Western Railway runs VascodaGama-Velankanni-VascodaGama Special Train on Special Fare

HUBLI: South Western Railway has decided to run of Train No. 07317/07318, Vasco da Gama-Velankanni-Vasco da Gama Special on special fare  to clear extra rush during feast of our lady of good health at Velankanni.

Train No. 07317, Vasco da Gama-Velankanni Special departs Vasco da gama at 11:20 hrs. on 06th September, 2017 (Wednesday) and reaches Velankanni at 13:00 hrs. on Thursday.

Enroute, the train arrives/departs Madgaon at 12:35/12:45 Hrs., Karwar at 13:46/13:48 Hrs., Kumta at 14:40/14:42 Hrs., Honnavar at 14:55/14:57 Hrs., Bhatkal  at 15:44/15:46 Hrs.,  Kundapura  at 16:48/16:50 Hrs., Udupi at 17:10/17:12 Hrs.,  Mulki  at 17:50/17:52 Hrs.,  Suratkal  at 18:04/18:06 Hrs.,  Mangaluru Jn  at 19:20/19:40 Hrs.,  Kannur  at 21:40/21:45 Hrs.,  Thalaserry at 22:03/22:05 Hrs., Kozhikodde at 23:15/23:20 Hrs. and on Thursday arrives/departs Shoranur at 01:25/01:45 Hrs., Palakkad at 02:38/02:40 Hrs., Coimbatore at 04:05/04:10 Hrs., Tiruppur at 04:58/05:00 Hrs., Erode at 05:30/06:15 Hrs., Karur at 07:30/07:45 Hrs.,  Tiruchchirapalli at 09:30/09:50 Hrs., Thanjavur at 10:50/10:55 Hrs.,  Tiruvarur at 11:55/12:05 Hrs.,  Nagapattinam at 12:35/12:40 Hrs.

Train No. 07318, Velankanni-Vasco da Gama Special departs Velankanni at 23:45 hrs. on 08th September, 2017 (Friday) and reaches Vasco da gama at 23:45 hrs. on Saturday.

Enroute, the train arrives/departs Nagapattinam on Saturday at 00:05/00:20 Hrs. Tiruvarur at 00:43/00:45 Hrs., Thanjavur at 01:43/01:45 Hrs., Tiruchchirapalli at 03:00/03:20 Hrs., Karur at 04:27/04:30 Hrs., Erode at 06:25/06:30 Hrs., Tiruppur at 07:13/07:15 Hrs., Coimbatore at 08:13/08:15 Hrs., Palakkad at 09:30/09:32 Hrs., Shoranur at 10:30/10:55 Hrs., Kozhikodde at 11:15/11:20 Hrs. Thalaserry at 12:03/12:05 Hrs., Kannur at 12:40/12:45 Hrs., Mangaluru Jn  at 15:25/15:45 Hrs.,  Suratkal  at 16:15/16:17 Hrs., Mulki  at 16:25/16:27 Hrs., Udupi at 16:55/16:57 Hrs., Kundapura  at 17:40/17:42 Hrs.,  Bhatkal  at 19:00/19:02 Hrs., Honnavar at 20:00/20:02 Kumta at 20:18/20:20 Hrs., Karwar at 21:30/21:32 Hrs., Madgaon at 22:45/22:50 Hrs.

The train Composition will have TWO AC 3-tier coaches, SIXTEEN Second Class Sleeper coaches and TWO Luggage-cum-Brake Vans.


Railways has decided to continuation of experimental stoppage of Train No. 18463/18464 Bhubaneswar-KSR Bengaluru-Bhubaneswar Daily Express at Penukonda station until further advice.