SP urged for Increased Security on Chhapra Railway Line

छापड़ा Chhapra (CPR):  Despite the state government’s denial of Naxals’ hand in the Tuesday morning Delhi-Dibrugarh Rajdhani Express derailment in Chhapra that left four persons dead and several injured, it was learnt on Thursday that a senior police officer had urged his seniors to run a pilot engine ahead of passenger trains in view of the day-long bandh called by the ultras in the region but his suggestion was ignored.

As reported, Chhapra Superintendent of Police (SP) Sudhir Kumar Singh, just two days before the eventful night, wrote to railway officials and senior police officials in Chhapra to beef up security on railway tracks and run pilot engines ahead of all passengers train to avoid any disaster like the one on early Wednesday morning but he did not get any response from anyone.

Madhuresh Kumar, General Manager of the East Central Railways said he had no knowledge of the SP’s warning but maintained that it was not possible to provide escort to all trains.

A senior railway official said that unless they had specific advisory to an impending threat, they did not run escort engines.

“We had reports of possible threats by Naxals on the Hajipur-Muzaffarpur line and we took appropriate measures to ensure the safety of the passenger trains but he had no specific warning about the Chhapra line where the derailment took place, he said.