Special Trains between Hapa, Raipur

RAJKOT: In order to clear the extra rush of passengers during the festive season, the Western Railways will run a special train between Hapa and Raipur from October 29. Hapa-Raipur weekly special train will depart from Hapa on Tuesday at 22.00 hours, arrive at Rajkot at 23.50 hours and reach Raipur on Thursday at 3 am. The weekly train will run from October 29 to November 26. The Raipur-Hapa train will depart from Raipur on Thursday 4.10 am and arrive in Rajkot on Friday in the afternoon at 1.40 pm. It will reach Hapa on Friday at 3.25 pm.

The train will have 1 II AC, 2 III AC, six sleeper, 6 general coach and 2 luggage van coaches.