Sreedharan seeks river sand for metro structures

Kochi:  E.Sreedharan, Principal Advisor to Kochi Metro Rail Ltd, has promised that sand mining from the Periyar and the Bharathapuzha rivers for construction activities for the metro project will be eco-friendly.

He allayed fears raised by noted environmentalist Sitaraman against quarrying sand from these two rivers.

In his communication, Sreedharan said that if DMRC is allowed to collect the required sand, it would do so without endangering the hydraulic regime of the two rivers concerned.

He pointed out that good river sand is essential to ensure the life of the metro structures which have to last at least 100 years. One has to make a choice between structural durability and environmental impacts, he said.

It is the indiscriminate and unlawful quarrying resorted to by the sand mafia that is threatening the rivers. No construction activity has come to a standstill in the State for want of sand. This indicated that sand was somehow collected or stolen from the rivers, he said.

The worst attack on the rivers was the dumping of industrial waste and sewage. The damage caused due to the dumping of waste and sewage was more than sand mining. Controlled sand mining is essential for the health of a river, he added.