State needs Light Metro and Sreedharan: Mohanlal

mohanlal blogThiruvananthapuram (TVC): The Light Metro proposed for Thiruvananthapuram and Kozhikode cities by ‘Metroman’ E.Sreedharan has received the support of a celebrity blogger — actor Mohanlal — who, in his latest post, has supported the Mass Rapid Transport System, which is awaiting the nod of the government for the last six months.

“The open letter” penned by the actor to Mr.Sreedharan is in the backdrop of the statement that the Delhi Metro Rail Corporation was not keen on the projects here in view of the experience in Kerala.

Pointing out that the recent statement had upset him, Mohanlal recalled the note written when Mr.Sreedharan took over the mantle of executing Kochi Metro. “I have high regards for you and have had the opportunity to receive the Padma Shri along with you,” the actor said in the blog.

Kochi Metro

Mohanlal has pointed out that the beginning of Kochi Metro was not that rosy as many did not show the common sense to understand and know a person of your stature. The people of Kochi and the State are eagerly waiting for the Metro to take off.

Recalling the toil behind the success of Konkan Railway, Pamban bridge reconstruction in 40 days and Delhi Metro, the actor asks “if the people do not believe you, who would they believe on this earth ?’’.

“Your arrival, though late, was essential for the State, which is suffocating because of narrow roads, mounting vehicle population and lack of road culture,” the actor says while lauding the commitment, dedication and silent work being carried out for Kerala under Mr.Sreedharan.

Many are hoping that Mr.Sreedharan might withdraw after the hard statement on Light Metro.

“We want you. It is a request from those Keralites who know the value of Mr.Sreedharan to lead us in development in a transparent way”. The actor has tendered apology to Mr.Sreedharan if anything has hurt him.

After quoting the Bhagvad Gita sloka daily rendered by Mr.Sreedharan, he says disappointment is not in the life of Metroman.

“I am also feeling disappointed on learning that there are people who show disrespect to you. All hopes are being lost and hence you should be here,” the actor concludes the blog.

Project officials say the blog that has already become viral reflects the mood prevailing among the people and the high regards for Mr. Sreedharan in Kerala